MPs calling for a Renegotion of EU Treaty.

  proudfoot 14:47 14 Oct 2012

A number of MPs are calling for a renegotiation of the UKs terms of membership of the EU.

Have you any views as to what the terms should be?

I for one never voted, when asked in Edward Heaths Referendum, to join a political union as it has now become. I like many others voted to join a free trading area.

My feelings are we should repeal all the legislation that has been imposed on us by Europe that is not in our national interest and return to the previous legislation passed by Westminster.

  Flak999 15:00 14 Oct 2012

Let's just wait until Cameron gives us the promised in/out referendum. Then we can kiss goodbye to the whole sorry edifice, I personally cannot wait to see the end of the failed European experiment.

  proudfoot 15:13 14 Oct 2012

Cameron has not said he will give us an IN/OUT referendum. He wants to renegotiate our terms.

The referendum should ask "Do you want to leave the EU if they will not let us be a member on our terms."

They realise it would be their loss if we left.

  bremner 15:18 14 Oct 2012

I am in favour of a common trading union not a political union.

  Flak999 15:24 14 Oct 2012


Cameron has not said he will give us an IN/OUT referendum. He wants to renegotiate our terms.

That's his stated position at the moment, however I believe that will change. The EU will never let us stay on our terms, and so we will choose to leave. I fervently hope and believe this will be so!

  Nontek 15:29 14 Oct 2012


IMHO you are living in 'cloud-cuckoo-land' if you expect Cameron to allow us a vote on the matter! His promises mean absolutely nothing!

  Bing.alau 15:39 14 Oct 2012

What's happening to these posts today? I recently posted on the thread "Working Hard" hit the key/button and nothing happened.

An hour later I type out a post for this thread "MP's calling for....etc." and up pops the first post on the thread "Working Hard"...

Maybe if I type out another post on another thread the previous one will appear. Who knows?

  Forum Editor 16:00 14 Oct 2012


"Let's just wait until Cameron gives us the promised in/out referendum."

Imagination working overtime again I see. Please give me a link to a report that David Cameron made that promise.

What he actually said last week was that "a review of the balance of powers between the UK and the EU would be likely to lead to a referendum on Britain's relationship with the EU after the next election."

Not a single promise in sight there - just a vague waffle about a review being likely lead to a referendum on our relationship. There may well be a renegotiation based around better safeguards for our sovereignty, and if that fails we might see a future referendum on the subject of withdrawal. There are plenty of people in Europe who be very glad to see the back of us if we withdrew - we're viewed by many as a pain in the Union's neck.

You would feel confident about our ability to survive and prosper as an independent trading nation outside the EU would you? I'm hoping you can come up with something better by way of a response than the old 'we couldn't do worse' knee-jerk answer.

  natdoor 16:11 14 Oct 2012

There was no vote at the time Heath took us into the Common Market. There was a subsequent referendum in 1975, in which there was a 2:1 majority for remaining in the EEC. In my view, it is in the interest og the UK to remain in the EU. We should engage more positively and help formulate legislation and policy which is in the interest of all members.

  Flak999 16:31 14 Oct 2012

Forum Editor

Imagination working overtime again I see. Please give me a link to a report that David Cameron made that promise.

See my reply to romanby1 @ 3.24pm

I am supremely confident of this countries ability to survive and prosper outside of the EU. Switzerland manages quite nicely being outside the EU but still trading with it and so could we. As for the arguments about leaving, see these links:

Cost as opposed to benefits of EU membership

The EU is bad for Britain

How much Britain pays for EU membership

Look at the graphs in this link:

any possible argument for remaining in the EU has been blown away

As I have said, I fervently hope we can get out! The sooner the better.

  Algerian peter ™ 16:38 14 Oct 2012

IMO David Cameron's speech was to take the sting out of political organizations like UKIP. They, the conservative hierarchy, are concerned that a lot of voters would support a party that would give the UK voters a choice to stay or leave. So they are offering a scenario where they may ask for a renegotiation of terms. The labour party and liberal democrats are in the same boat. They want to stay in the EU but are fearful of voters having enough of European legislation.

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