The MP's are revolting.

  peter99co 21:07 13 Oct 2009

In more ways than one. The radio news is reporting that GB and DC are being warned that some MP's are probably going to mount a legal challenge in the expenses row. Some saying they will not repay what is being asked for.

Heading for the scrap heap?

  dastardly mutt 21:18 13 Oct 2009


  tullie 21:19 13 Oct 2009

If it was legal,i dont blame them.

  lotvic 21:25 13 Oct 2009

Seems a bad move considering there is an election looming.

  Bingalau 21:25 13 Oct 2009

I prefer revolting myself, because they are.

  dastardly mutt 21:26 13 Oct 2009

It may be a cunning plan to garner sympathy for the thieving scroungers.

  Al94 21:58 13 Oct 2009

I just hope that someone, somewhere took a copy of Tony Blair's expenses records before they were shredded!

  Deekio 22:44 13 Oct 2009

No! they were conveniently lost/shredded, could it be blamed on the Royal Mail. Oh Lordy Gordy.

  DieSse 22:49 13 Oct 2009

The current letters are not demands for payment. They are a first assessment after an audit of the expenses, and are asking for responses - in some cases supporting documentation and justifications.

So why not see what happens when the procedure completes before passing final judgement.

That's not to excuse anyone by the way - the whole procedure was always a mess and some people clearly abused it.

  Deekio 23:08 13 Oct 2009

Why wait to see what happens when the procedure
is complete, Anyone over the age of ten can tell you, ask the bookies odds? The former home secretary
JS. has just walked away with £116.000 of our money
and then virtually sneered in the face of OUR?

  DANZIG 23:33 13 Oct 2009

I heard something on the radio about this the other night and it got me thinking...

About the only thing I can claim for at work is travel expenses if I go to a conference/course/meeting etc that isn't at my place of work. The cost per mile far outweighs the cost of the petrol as it includes wear and tear, insurance costs etc etc.

If somewhere down the line an independent auditor comes in and says I've got to pay a percentage of it back in one job lot, then I think I would be annoyed as well.

That isn't to say I back the scum who 'forgot' they'd paid their mortgage and the moat wax guy.

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