Mp's 2.3 Pay Rise from April?

  perpetual motion 13:37 30 Mar 2009

Is it me or what.?
A economy like what ours is deep into & they get a wage rise of 2.3 which isnt huge but its the principle.?

  carver 13:39 30 Mar 2009

2.3 which isn't huge? , it is if you are on nearly £70.000.00 a year, well they might have to start paying for their own porn channel.

  Quickbeam 16:09 30 Mar 2009

I'm sure they deserve every penny they can get as much as Fred Goodwin does...

  Cymro. 16:12 30 Mar 2009

It can certainly be argued that with the economic state of the country right now and the fact that they are at least partly responsible, MPs. don`t deserve a pay rise. I would be just glad if they sorted out something with their expenses.

I remember reading somewhere that British MPs. are not in fact all that highly paid compared to other European and North American politicians. Assuming that to be the case and the fact that there has never been any real check on what MPs. claim for it is not all that surprising that things have got out of hand in this way.

If you let people get away with claiming exorbitant amount for expenses then they are sure to do so. The chances are that most MPs. are honest enough about what they claim for. It is (I hope) the minority that are letting the others down as well as themselves and us the people who vote them in and pick up the tab.

  Monoux 17:16 30 Mar 2009

Surprised they didn't want to copy these folks
click here

I'm sure I saw a couple of days ago on Teletext that nurses were getting no pay rise this year, it was on the next page to one where MPs were offering to give up their expenses in exchange for a 40k per year pay rise

  Monoux 19:12 30 Mar 2009

Teletext tonight says Ministers are not taking the pay rise --now that's a novel twist to the tale.

  Kaacee 20:45 30 Mar 2009

I could be wrong, but it looks like MP's have a conscience after all...

  Jak_1 21:40 30 Mar 2009

The BBC news website has the facts of the pay rise.

click here

Basically it has bee calculated to 2.33% by averaging the pay awards to public sector workers across the board.

Like them or like them not, we still need MP's to run the country. They like the rest of the county's workers like and expect a pay increase anually. Though I admit many private sector workers will miss out this year due to the recession, not sure if all public sector workers will get a rise this year though.

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