MP pay rise

  DrScott 01:00 23 Dec 2007

Hot off the Daily Mail press is that MPs are discussing a 10% pay increase for themselves over 3 years.

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Admittedly it is the Daily Mail, but if this is confirmed, it all seems slighty hypocritical given the recent police furore.

  laurie53 08:44 23 Dec 2007

I think it is an accurate story.

No doubt their pensions will follow suit, and the mortgage allowance they get to set up their "research assistants" in a flat in London.

  Forum Editor 09:27 23 Dec 2007

is a small amount to pay people who are involved in making legisllative decisions affecting tens of millions of lives. I know a 32 year old woman who works in the executive recruitment business who is paid more than an MP.

It's about time we woke up an realised that our members of Parliament have been underpaid for decades.

  DrScott 09:34 23 Dec 2007

as a basic salary it is relatively little for the important role many play.

Of course, there are the allowances, housing benefits, travel expenses, staffing etc.

I do not know their monetary equivalents.

Still, it's particularly bad timing for MPs to be voting for their own raises when HMG keeps reminding us that public sector pay rises must be kept low to maintain low inflation.

  anskyber 09:50 23 Dec 2007

I have no problem at all with people getting well paid for their jobs. MP's are not particularly well paid for the responsibility they carry, even if we do not like what they do on occasions.

The issue here, surely, is given the decision regarding Police pay and public sector pay settlements generally which has been designed to meet spending targets how will they see that policy applying to themselves?

Frankly, I think they should be paid much more so we move away from the monkeys and peanuts trap.

  ulrich 10:01 23 Dec 2007

Is the FE after a knighthood? I am sorry but I haven't seen any of our present Government do anything but make one bad decision after the other, and in the present climate over pay and pensions this will be a very bad decision.

  LinH 10:15 23 Dec 2007

M.P.'s have obviously not heard of the saying that you should 'practice what you preach'.


  Forum Editor 10:22 23 Dec 2007

There are 646 members of Parliament, and only just over half of them are Labour members. Both Labour and Conservative MPs are apparently in agreement over this pay claim. I say 'apparently' because the story was broken by the Mail on Sunday.

The fact that "I haven't seen any of our present Government do anything but make one bad decision after the other" is hardly a basis for making a rational decision about MP pay rates, is it? You might think bad decisions have been made, and other people might disagree with you. My point was that they are underpaid for the responsibility they carry in terms of their legislative power.

  johndrew 10:52 23 Dec 2007

`I say 'apparently' because the story was broken by the Mail on Sunday.`

And if it had been broken by any other newspaper?

  Forum Editor 10:57 23 Dec 2007

"And if it had been broken by any other newspaper?"

I would have used my experience of that newspaper's reporting to form a view, but it wasn't broken by any other newspaper, was it?

My political leanings are not towards the Labour party, but the Mail is a Tory paper,and will exhibit bias in its reporting, just as the Daily Mirror exhibits bias towards Labour. As long as you're aware of the bias you can operate a filter, otherwise you're in danger of believing everything you read in a paper, and that's a very foolish thing to do.

  Bingalau 11:00 23 Dec 2007

I am all for them having an increase in their pay but at the same time I think their conditions of service should be altered. They should have less holidays and should work longer hours. They should pay their assistants/wives etc., from their own pockets and their numbers should be halved. There are too many of them for the size of this country and its population. When they are incompetent they should be sacked and lose their perks and pensions.

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