sunnystaines 10:21 16 May 2012

now the season is here the mozzies/gnats etc are out and about.

got the poundland swatter & avon skin so soft lotion

has anyone tried these new plug in repellents that emit fumes to keep them away, also can you smell the fumes from them. seen them in various store but staff knowledge on them is zero.

  spuds 11:07 16 May 2012

I bought one of those 'tennis racket' electronic swatters from Poundland a couple of years ago. But going on extensive test results, flying objects become clever after a time?.

  Forum Editor 11:53 16 May 2012

when I travel to a mosquito destination I always take pellets for plug-in gizmos.Hotels in hot places invariably used plug-ins, but it's handy to have spare refills. These devices work well if you remember to put a new tab in each night.

  Aitchbee 12:26 16 May 2012

I keep all of my windows open during the summer months, so I have permanently installed insect nets on all of my windows (keeps out flies, wasps, bees, moths etc). Indoors, I use FLY GLUE TRAPS, sticky sheets of paper (non-toxic & insecticide free) stragestically placed near my indoor plants to catch the gnats. (six sheets for a pound) 2 sheets are A4 size in area...and can be cut to size.

  Quickbeam 12:33 16 May 2012

'...flying objects become clever after a time?.'

You mean they learned to fly through the gaps in the tennis racket strings...?

  sunnystaines 12:37 16 May 2012

spuds i thought they had banned the tennis racket ones as the kids strip them down and use a stungun type prods to sting each other. we got the old fasion plastic swatter.

the plug in items round here use a small bottle of liquid and a wick which goes into plastic case and pluge in, the liquid comes in refils was wondering if they smell and are any good boots/superdrug sell them.

any one got a fav thing they put on bites i used to use an ice cube but seen alkali creams with antihistamine wondering if they are any good or just a gimmic.

  john bunyan 12:50 16 May 2012

In the old days in Singapore / Malaysia et, you could buy green spiral coils that sat on a pin, then you lit them and they burnt all night, leaving an ash coil. Seemed effective but a bit like sleeping in a Buddhist Temple with Joss sticks burning. I use "Jungle Formula" topical cream, and FE's method now. It is amazing how different people react to bites; some have a small bump, and others hens egg sized ones. Browsea Island in Dorset had a very fierce strain of mozzy, I recall. I also have a suction device for big lumps, like a reverse bicycle pump!

  spuds 14:31 16 May 2012

john bunyan

"It is amazing how different people react to bites". I seem to recall when I had my first stint in SEA, I caught malaria in Borneo and brought it back home to the UK with me :O)

I also remember the coils well, as I do the old DDT method that the health people use to use frequently around the kampongs. I also remember the gecko type creatures, ambushing and having mozzy meals and belching afterwards, or something like that!.

Ho Happy days!.

  spuds 14:36 16 May 2012

Quickbeam -- sunnystaines

I don't know about the tennis racket gaps or kiddies stun gun, but when one of those flying creatures hit the wire mesh it gives a right crack with a lingering smell.

  Condom 14:40 16 May 2012

I have experience in using the gadgets talked about but I have never seen a need to use them in this country as our mozzies don't usually seem to bite. I know midges in Scotland do but I've not experienced anythng in 25 years of living in England.

The electric plug ins are very good when used in a sealed environment and I now prefer the bottle with the wick to the individual tablets. This is what I use in my apppartment in Bangkok and I can get a good month out of a bottle. I found that the bottle stuff normally doesn't smell and some brands of the tablets have little smell. I also have the rechargeable tennis racket but this is normally for emergencies when one manages to get in during the evening while I am still awake. I wasn't aware that kids were misusing them in this way.

The green spirals are still in use in the far east but are normally used either in front of your door in small hotels or under your dining table when eating outside. As sunnystaines has said some people have bad reactions to any sort of bite and any cream with antihistamine in it will help releave the symptoms. You can also get it in tablet form.

A tip which I heard is very good is to take 2 yeast tablets twice a day as apparently they give off a smell from your skin that we can't smell but mozzies hate it. They are very cheap to buy in any health shop and also are supposed to be good for you.

  sunnystaines 15:47 16 May 2012


thanks for your feedback i remember yeast tablets from years ago, need to eat plenty of fibre if on them as the high iron content leaves you bunged up. we are off to mallorca for a short break and there is mozzie infested swamp nearby so getting genned up on bites, the spanish cannot touch the swamp or harm the mozzies as it is part of their national parc. i often eat marmite/vegemit but unlikly to see any in mallorca, not been to this location before [playa de muro. NE Mallorca]

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