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  fitcher 13:59 20 Jan 2005

any one using fire fox and how do you find it works for you . do you have any other browsers on your pc as well (one can not remove explorer.are there any conflicts? ) I have looked at it on a spare machine, but not on the web .it seems very simple .is it ? cheers alan

  Chezdez 14:05 20 Jan 2005

firefox is the way to go

it's faster and more secure than IE, and everybit as functional, bar a few web pages that use active X

as far as i can tell, you'll need to reinstall java to get it onto firefox, can't figure anyway other of doing it

  Forum Editor 18:30 20 Jan 2005

gave us their choice of browser in a recent forum straw poll, and a third of them are using Firefox.

I'm not sure that I would go along with "firefox is the way to go" or even that it is " faster and more secure than IE, and everybit as functional", but we are all entitled to an opinion. Firefox has certainly enjoyed considerable success since it was launched, much of which is attributable to marketing hype, but it's certainly worth a try.

For what it's worth - I've used it, tested it, taken it around the block a hundred times, and I loved the tabbed browsing, but...............I'm using Internet Explorer again.

  Senile Syd 19:00 20 Jan 2005

Like the Forum Editor, I like Firefox's tabbed browsing. However, I've gone back to IE6 because I haven't yet been able to get FF to display Java-based tickertapes on my website.

click here

I intend to have another go, though.

  LeadingMNMs 20:14 20 Jan 2005

One of the main problems of all non-IE browsers is the handling of Java applets. IE uses its own virtual machine to handle Java (which according to its rival Sun Java) is as usual a security risk.

Most of the other browsers such as Firefox and Opera use Sun's Java environment, although compatibility is a issue, with pages often not displaying correctly or at all. There are also a number of pluggins that need to be installed to ensure maximum compatibility, while for the most part IE displays these pages without trouble.

The major problem is that a lot of pages have been written specifically for IE, for example you need IE to log into the National Lottery site. Which means that it is vital to keep IE handy in case you run into a site that will only support it.

The major problem with IE is its handling of HTML. It tends to write its own specification and develop its own extensions, such as ActiveX. Support of XHTML is virtually non-existent and it makes developing harder since 'good code' doesn't necessarily display well in IE.

Having said that, I have used Firefox from an early version and use it all the time, except when Windows decides its going to open IE. Firefox also allows you to install themes that modify how it looks. At the moment I'm using the Noia theme, that makes the browser look like something from Apple (in my opinion anyway). As I've mentioned, there are also other browsers such as Opera (though Ads in the free version), Netscape and the actual Mozilla Suite. The list could continue but these are the most popular, certainly on a windows platform.

  VoG II 20:46 20 Jan 2005

I like Firefox - a lot! However I do have other browsers installed (IE which I use mostly for sites that don't like Firefox; and Opera, Mozilla and Slimbrowser - these are rarely used). These all co-exist perfectly happily.

  Taw® 21:24 20 Jan 2005

If you like the feel of IE but want a bit more then Avant is a good bet. It uses the IE engine but has lots of extras such as tabbed browsing. As stated earlier everyone to there own.I have firefox, Avant, slimbrowser and IE I prefer Avant but they all co-exist together

  PurplePenny 22:52 20 Jan 2005

I love Fx (Firefox) and would never go back to IE.

These days there seem to be less and less sites that only work in IE. They may look different in other browsers but I wouldn't know since I've never seen them in IE. If I find a site that won't work in Fx or Opera I usually go elsewhere. If going elsewhere is not an option I just right-click and select the "View in IE" option (courtesy of a little Fx extension).

There are also sites that don't work in IE because they use validated CSS without any hacks to compensate for specific browser faults. Compare these demos from Eric Meyer's site in IE and Fx:

click here

click here

  sattman 23:55 20 Jan 2005

I was continually finding all sorts of pop ups and extra pages, links etc, since using Mozilla now nothing.

I dont think that the success is down to clever marketing but even if it was, if it did not work I am sure the word would soon have got around.

I installed it from the good reports it got on here and whilst I retain IE I hardly ever need to use it.

  fitcher 12:55 21 Jan 2005

thank you for your interesting responses .so helfull I will now cose thanks all..alan

  fitcher 12:58 21 Jan 2005

helpfull!!!! my new teeth

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