Moving on completion

  rickf 10:14 21 Aug 2010

I am finally moving on the 26th. I wonder if people here know from experience what the likely time is for completion on the day so I can actually drive off. Of course, I'll wait for confirmation from my solicitor but.... Been told around 11am, 12pm and 1pm. Have booked removals for 10am.

  johndrew 10:20 21 Aug 2010

Generally completion is aimed at 12pm but can move if funds are not transferred on time - the transfer of funds is what triggers completion.

I would question your 10am booking for the movers - will they have time to load everything?

  v1asco 10:33 21 Aug 2010

Movers arrived 8 am into their van by 11 am, out of house, gas,electric,cable sorted.

A 90 min break then got the ok to collect keys, moved in by 5 pm, no hassle as I had paid the movers to do all the packing. Well worth the extra.

There is going to be hassle. Park the kids somewhere, have some bottle drinks handy, buy sandwiches. Make sure you have a small tool kit to hand, screwdrivers charged etc. and plenty of black backs for those last minute items.

Have the telephone number of the nearest dominoes or whatever to hand for your new place to feed the kids and you. Ensure your wine/beer is chilled, you'll need it to relax.

Don't try and unpack to much the same day, just basics for sleeping, eating and washing. and if you can delay buying all that nice new furniture. We lived in the place for a few months using the old stuff. It is surprising how much you will change your idea of what you want.

If you can find a local charity to collect your old furniture when not needed if you don't want to sell. Our air ambulance is great.

Don't fall for the big screen trap. A huge tv is only good in a huge room, the picture can look pretty grotty to close, especially if watching older recordings.

and so on.

Main thing is be prepared for hassle, snags will occur. Dismantle it all before the big day, put screws in an envelope and mark it. By the evening you will be able to chill out with that nice bottle of your favourite tipple.

Sorry about the rambling we moved for the first time in 25 yrs a couple of years back so I was writing as I remember. It was not as traumatic as I thought it would be.

  Woolwell 11:11 21 Aug 2010

10 am seems quite late but it depends on how much you have to move. The removal company should know that they have to be out and gone by midday at the latest. If you're friendly you will want to clean the house after the furniture is out.

Your solicitor should be able to advise on when they expect the transfer of funds to take place. It depends on how big the chain is.
I have had times as early as midday and as late as 5 pm but 2 to 3 has been the norm.

Don't forget you have to deposit the keys with the estate agent for the new owners to collect and you have to collect your new ones.

  Woolwell 11:12 21 Aug 2010

ps last time I moved we emptied the house the previous night and stayed in a hotel overnight.

  Forum Editor 11:25 21 Aug 2010

between the two solicitors involved. They can complete at any time, it's a matter of talking to your solicitor and asking for an approximate estimate of the time.

  Pineman100 15:36 21 Aug 2010

As FE says, the time for completion was arranged between solicitors. It can sometimes be a complicated business if a chain is involved, and if just one person in the chain above you delays things, it can cause a lot of faffing around.

Like johndrew, I wonder whether you've left your removers enough time to clear the house - but I suppose that depends on how much stuff you've got.

Always make sure that the kettle, mugs, tea bags, sugar and milk are easy to find. Removal men drink a great deal of tea!

  Woolwell 15:39 21 Aug 2010

I've always taken the kettle, mugs and tea, etc with me in the car.

  jakimo 15:47 21 Aug 2010

My furniture removers loaded up at 9am and waited at my new address until the Halifax handed over the keys of my new home just before their 5.30pm closing time,

  Jameslayer 17:22 21 Aug 2010

Congrats on getting a new house. Afraid I have no helpfull advice that hasnt been suggested.

I wont go into a rant about house prices and not being able to afford a mortage.

  sunnystaines 17:43 21 Aug 2010

Do not hand over your keys to the new punter untill you get the ok to do so from your sol over the phone.

removals normal arrive at 8am load up then sit around till they can upack this is normal.

on leaving yours and moving in go round with other house holder and take the meter readings together so no aggro later on.

check the insurance conditions of the removal company some say you must claim with 24 hours, it may take longer to fully unpack and any missing damaged items are void.

give the house a tidy up before leaving, leave a note of stop cocks location etc for new owner.

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