A move to the left

  interzone55 08:59 17 Aug 2010

Yesterday afternoon this page suddenly shifted to the left in my browser (Chrome 5.0.375.126), so instead of the black border down either side I now have a huge black area to the right of the screen.

Anyone else noticed this?

  Pine Man 09:01 17 Aug 2010

Yes, mine did the same but almost immediately reverted to normal - Firefox.

  Forum Editor 09:12 17 Aug 2010

We moved to the left of centre for a while. Back in the middle ground now.

  wiz-king 09:28 17 Aug 2010

FE - and I thought you were a conservative - with a small c.

  Toneman 09:51 17 Aug 2010

Strange, IE is normal, Firefox is still to the left on my PC...

  canarieslover 10:01 17 Aug 2010

I noticed it in Chrome the next time I logged in after replying to the PC/MAC/LINUX thread. It's OK in Firefox.

  canarieslover 10:32 17 Aug 2010

I don't know how relevant it is, but if I log in with Firefox I can still reply to the PC/MAC/LINUX thread and vote, with Chrome it recognises that I have already voted and shifts to the left. Seems that you have not yet decided where the coalition stands, much like the the real one.

  lotvic 10:38 17 Aug 2010

Using FF, page to left, black margin to right.

When I zoom (Ctrl + mouse wheel) page expands and black margin disappears.

  MAJ 10:52 17 Aug 2010

IE8 -- Page is centred.
FF --- Shifted to the left.

  Quickbeam 11:33 17 Aug 2010

Which browser should I use for an right wing view, and what software is it that can translate the posts automatically from sandal wear view to stiff upper lip view?

  interzone55 14:01 17 Aug 2010

Still firmly on the left with Chrome but straight down the middle with IE8 and Firefox 3.6.3

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