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  fitcher 18:51 13 Mar 2005

how many of you think that the pc is loosing ground to the laptop ..both my son and I are using our laptops much more than our pcs .we shove our laptops in a cupboard in the living room out the way, when not in use ,our pcs are becoming redundant ,my son has packed his away .I switch on my wireles modem next to my pc ,and go downstairs to use my laptop, it plays nearly all the games I want ,,everyone wants room today ,and small form factors ,agree .

  Dan the Confused 18:59 13 Mar 2005

Now that laptops are on a par with desktops at an affordable price I think more and more people will start using them. They don't have the upgradability of desktops but for most users this is not important. People like things to be simple and functional, and not take up huge amounts of space. I can see the laptop overtaking the desktop in terms of sales within the next few years.

  Joe R 21:24 13 Mar 2005


yes I can understand your sentiments, but the biggest problem that laptop manufacturers, have to face, to compete with desktops, surely must be cooling (for gamers), and the display, which to all extents and purchases, lags far behind on a laptop.

I must also say, that the self-build brigade, (and I include myself here) will not really like the thought of taking a laptop apart and reassembling it.

I also agree that the laptop will eventually overtake the desktop, in terms of units sold, but there would have to be a few new (smaller & cooler) components, before it would take the place of the desktop altogether

  Joe R 21:25 13 Mar 2005

"extents and purchases" intents and purposes.

Do they do a decent learning English course around here.:)

  Forum Editor 23:23 13 Mar 2005

with a vengeance. I find that I'm seeing more and more of them in clients' homes and offices, and when I visited my local PC World branch this weekend there were more people around the laptop displays than at the PC sections.

It makes sense - laptop displays are now so good, and the machines (even budget models) so well-specified that the desktop's previous claim to fame as the more powerful and versatile machine no longer holds good.

This year will see laptop sales hit a new high.

  LastChip 00:42 14 Mar 2005

but not for me!

There will always be some that regard quality more important than convenience, although I suspect we will be in the minority.

For example, I'm sitting here writing this looking at a gorgeous 19" TFT screen that simply (at the moment) can't be duplicated via a laptop, and even if it could, I dread to think of what it would cost. For me, a laptop would be a convenient tool, but no more.

  jerichobob 11:24 14 Mar 2005

With regard to display and graphics capabilities, laptops now have stand alone graphics cards which will run any game out there and, if you really need a bigger screen, can be displayed through another monitor, or even a TV. The convenience thing is the real plus point for them though. I have a wireless hub in my sons bedroom and a laptop which I can use anywhere within range. If it's sunny and warm I can sit in the garden and browse the internet, play a game, do some work (I've got to be so far behind for this one), or play some music. If I'm working on my bikes I can drag up schematics or instructions in the garage without having to print them. If I need a recipe I can be in the kitchen and bring one to life on the screen. Whatever I want to do, or wherever I want to be. That's the real benefit of a laptop.


  fitcher 22:30 14 Mar 2005

anyone who has tried one of the latest laptops .will see some great graphics cards and my display .is fantastic and it compares with my pcs flatron with dvi connection and high end card .and believe me it is not as hard as one may think to repair a laptop..a hard drive is a simple replacment ,a dvd drive is easier to change than on a pc ,and coming along are simple ways to replace the screen ,by unplugging and lift off , simplifying things is the name of the game .

  The BB 18:35 16 Mar 2005

... but what of the VGA PDA, and what ever happened to the Casio(or was it Olympus) headset/monocle so that you didn't need a screen ...

  oresome 20:15 16 Mar 2005

You can do the things you described, but have you?

I wouldn't fancy operating the keyboard whilst mixing flour or stripping the bike engine for instance. (In fact having the laptop in the garage at all would be courting disaster in my case.)

Much safer to print out a recipe or schematic I think.

  fitcher 23:02 16 Mar 2005

yes you are right off course ,when I decided to make an exterior usb hard drive I chose an icy box that would fit a 2.5" hard drive ,the same drive that is in my laptop having in mind the fact that at anytime It needs an hard drive ,I can remove same and fit in my laptop , also a full schematic of any laptop make can be found on the net ,needless to say that was the first thing I downloaded when I bought my laptop ,

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