mouth wash

  iqs 17:51 30 Dec 2009


Need to buy an anti septic wash mouth,but which one is the best,there are so many to choose from..

  Diemmess 18:02 30 Dec 2009

Corsodyl (ICI) but I hope the taste has improved!

Safest and cheapest is frequent use of comfortably hot water with about one heaped teaspoon to 1 pint ordinary salt disolved in it.

Obviously about a quarter of a pint of the mixture at a time is enough.

Harmless and comforting. Really helps ordinary natural healing.

  Diemmess 18:04 30 Dec 2009

Err... perhaps double the salt, the idea is a brew sightly more saline than blood!

  sunnystaines 19:20 30 Dec 2009

been a lot in the press with mouth wash and oral cancer, have you read the articles.

  sunnystaines 19:21 30 Dec 2009
  sunnystaines 19:31 30 Dec 2009

stick to salt n water

  iqs 19:55 30 Dec 2009

I'm currently using salt water ,but will try and purchase a alcohol free mouth wash,ref the link.

Thank you for the help

  cycoze 20:38 30 Dec 2009

Next to smoking, alcohol is supposed to be the second biggest cause of oral cancer, the NHS says the studies in the above links cannot be backed up without a lot more research.

I agree with Diemmess, Corsodyl is excellent, I have used after dental treatments, other than extractions where you should allow clotting and only use warm salty water after a day, and then only gentle rolled around the mouth.

Hospital gave me Corsodyl after having a couple of biopsies.

Also worth noting that some mouthwash if used too much can give you oral thrush.

  ronalddonald 20:40 30 Dec 2009

used Corsodyl to get rid of oral thrush, and there are some medications out there from the NHS that cause thrush oral, especially the asthma medications.

Mind you after reading the thread ive just thrown all my corsodyl and asda mouthwashes down the toilet.

  ronalddonald 20:48 30 Dec 2009

about the alcohol content in these products im sure some people claimed to get drunk on it

  rdave13 22:44 30 Dec 2009

Go to your chemist and ask advice for care+. Basic disenfectant for wounds and a mouthwash at a reasonable price.
Example only; click here
Not allowed to give any treatment advice on these forums (and agree) so consult your chemist as stated previously. 3% is effective enough diluted to the instructions.

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