laurie53 14:40 05 Jul 2008

Any recommendations for baiting a mousetrap?

I've tried the usual chocolate, raisins (even the traditional cheese which I've never found is attractive to mice) etc. with only limited success, and I really need to get them out of my garage once and for all

  sunny staines 14:46 05 Jul 2008

peanutbutter, they smell it from far away and cannot resist it.

  Joe R 14:48 05 Jul 2008

Buttered toast is something all rodents seem very partial to.

  Pine Man 14:51 05 Jul 2008

Digestive biscuits work for me - and the mice;-)

In fact I have caught a lot of mice in old empty traps where the food has gone and I haven't replaced it.

  Grey Goo 15:11 05 Jul 2008

Get the little blue crystals from Rentokil, called "Alphakill"
I keep a tray (supplied) of the stuff in the garage, after a nibble the rodent travels about 2 inches and falls over.

  Cymro. 15:15 05 Jul 2008

Bacon rind tied with some wire so that the mice can`t get it out of the trap without springing it.

  BT 16:35 05 Jul 2008

They just love tomatoes. A Rentokill operative I was speaking to at my place of work some years ago was brought in to dispose of an infestation of mice and used a tray of chopped tomatoes laced with poison and caught about half a dozen in an hour.

  octal 16:43 05 Jul 2008

Employ the services of a cat. We had cats and never had mice until all the cats died off, then the mice returned. We re-employed two cats again and the mice vanished, plus you get a loving friend into the bargain. The mice don't like the smell of a feline.

  spuds 16:47 05 Jul 2008

Peanut butter, it even attracts squirrels from afar. You could even try chocolate spread, not the lumpy type. If you have any dogs around,watch the chocolate method, it can be toxic to dogs.

  spuds 16:56 05 Jul 2008

You must be a lucky person. We have mice in the outhouses plus plenty of neighbours cats, which doesn't seem to make the slightest difference. In fact looking at both of them (cats and mice) sometimes seems to be a whose watching who sideshow.Never found a dead mouse yet, except in the pond. Fell in and couldn't get out!.

Plus the cats leave constant piles of you know what in our hedges. They never seem to leave it in their own backyard. On second thoughts, that sounds like a good idea or toilet training exercise.

  octal 17:07 05 Jul 2008

I must have a couple of good mouse catchers, the only problem is they tend to bring their catch home as if to say "look what I've caught dad!" Cats can be toilet trained, our previous cats used to go in the cat tray which was cleaned out regularly, our present pair go in an area in our garden which we clean up after them, cats generally like a nice clean area to do their toilet in. The other problem is that one of the cats caught a squirrel a few days ago, so anything is game for our pair of hunters.

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