Mr Mole 21:07 19 May 2007

Does anyone think like I do that lorries should be restricted to lane 1 & 2 on 4 lane moroways?

  WhiteTruckMan 21:12 19 May 2007

Next question?


  Mr Mole 21:15 19 May 2007

Well that was an expected reply from you

  Forum Editor 21:21 19 May 2007

Once they're rolling Modern lorries can easily keep pace with cars, and in my experience the drivers are mostly pretty good - provided you treat them with respect they'll do the same to you. All you have to remember is that they are heavy, and it can take a while to build speed - they don't like having to brake suddenly because some fool in a car has just pulled into a gap that was too small.

It also helps to anticipate when one is closing fast on the lorry in front, and is ready to pull into your lane - a flash of the lights to let him/her know you're ready to give way is always appreciated.

It's all about harmony on the road.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:22 19 May 2007

can quite often be a good thing. A lot of people don't like surprises.


  nick2308 21:23 19 May 2007

Yes and No. During rush-hour periods I believe that lorries should be restricted to lane 1 and lane 1 only. Outside rush-hour periods then they should be allowed to use the other lanes.

Also during rush-hour periods they should not be allowed to enter town and city centre's.

I lived in Germany for nine years and this system was and still is in use. It really works.

  Mr Mole 21:26 19 May 2007

The reason for having 4 lanes is to ensure that the majority of the traffic flows more freely and having slow lorries fighting to get past one another does not do this.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:28 19 May 2007

they don't have the speed limiters we have to contend with. they can make their times up in ways we can't. As for rush hour, well if they called it by its tru name-the go slow time-then you may start to get an accurate idea about why trucks dont make much of a difference.

FE-well said! Perhaps some truck driving karma is rubbing off on you <g> !


  Mr Mole 21:32 19 May 2007

I was refering to motorways in the UK as I rarely travel onthe continent.

  big bloke66 21:36 19 May 2007

All there trying to do is deliver the goods we all consume.

Crikey i must be in a good mood, must be Chelsea winning or the stomach full of beer lol.


  nick2308 21:39 19 May 2007

Mr Mole

WTM to was replying to my post.

I forgot to add that I wish this system was introduced here.

FE - sorry no harmony from me. After being run off the road by a truck, pulling out on me without the use of any indication. Trucks are now my pet hate along with caravans.

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