Motorway tolls

  pabby 23:47 28 Oct 2012
  WhiteTruckMan 12:36 30 Oct 2012

I can promise you that if initial responsibility for paying tolls of any kind rests with the drivers then they will go out of their way to avoid being a temporary overdraft facility for their employers.

fourm member

I'm curious to know where you got the impression that trucks would be excluded from this scheme. I have not seen any reference to any kind of vehicle being excluded from this scheme, and I have been specifically looking for such from the time I first heard about it.


  WhiteTruckMan 14:02 30 Oct 2012

fourm member

Nevertheless, whenever any new scheme, initiative, plan, plot or conspiracy (depending on the source) involving road users is announced it is usually mentioned (by the media) in terms of it's effect on the highest number of road users, i.e car drivers. Hence come budget time, fuel prices are mentioned as rises in petrol not diesel.

As with most things, the devil is in the detail.


  woodchip 14:42 30 Oct 2012

Note who Got rid of Freight on the Rail's and moved it onto the road, would have been better staying where it was on railway lines. There again no matter who gets in power they all make big boo-boos. they invested money in motor ways rather than rail. What a shambles

  Forum Editor 15:21 30 Oct 2012

"they invested money in motor ways rather than rail. What a shambles"

Shambles? That would certainly have been the case if we didn't have motorways.

  woodchip 16:05 30 Oct 2012

I did not say we should not have motorways I said it was a Shambles moving goods from Rail to the Road

  Forum Editor 16:13 30 Oct 2012


No, you didn't say we shouldn't have motorways, you said that investing money in them rather than in the railways was a shambles, which in my book amounts to the same thing.

How do you justify your argument that it's wrong to move goods from rail to road?

Before you answer you might like to consider that rail freight has actually grown over the past few years - it grew by 10% last year - and is predicted to double in the next 15 years.

Some shambles.

  john bunyan 16:49 30 Oct 2012

Re Rail vs road. Some years ago I worked for a subsidiary of a multi - national. We made large amounts of retail products . The problem with rail is that it is fine to get bulk goods from place to place if you can afford your own siding. Usually you then have to move the goods to or from a factory to such a siding, and the main Multi national retailers, such as Tesco etc prefer to have strategically placed depots where they assemble products from various manufacturers and then deliver themselves to their retail outlets, which are not rail connected. I did buy 2 trains - each of 10 x 60 tonne stainless steel bulk tanks so each train was 600 tonnes. We hired the motor from BR and I think the price, 20 odd years ago, was £4500 per trip - ie about £7.50 per tonne for edible oils. This was from our own berth / jetty/ siding on the Thames, to our own siding/ factory near Merseyside. This saved money as the premium to get ships go to Liverpool and unload via barges was far higher. It is not so economic for non bulk material without your own siding.

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