Motorists latest victims of missing data scandal

  ajm 15:35 16 Dec 2007

Data loss seems to be happening on a much regular frequency - frightening

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  anskyber 15:45 16 Dec 2007

Looks like another example of Murphy's Law.

It's often the case that once a cock up has occurred other such events come out as a "come clean" attitude takes over and before they are discovered rather than admitted to.

  €dstowe 16:00 16 Dec 2007

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  Totally-braindead 16:10 16 Dec 2007

I too have to wonder if it is a "come clean" attitude.

I find it impossible to believe that in all the years we have had computers very little goes astray and then all of sudden they lose things left right and centre.

What really makes it worse is that if you are involved in securing the data and you see all around you are losing stuff surely it must make you think and check whatever system you use to secure you data?

Or is that relying too much on a bit of common sense?

If it was me and that was my job all these things going missing would get me looking at everything with my place of work to make sure it couldn't happen to me. If nothing else I would be worried about getting fired if I did lose information that I was responsible for securing.

  anchor 17:39 16 Dec 2007

Perhaps Mr Brown could have a whip round in the Cabinet Office to find the extra £4 or so to cover Special Delivery postal cost.

  Al94 19:32 16 Dec 2007

Looks like the beginning of the end for G B click here - it was never going to work!

  DANZIG 00:27 17 Dec 2007

If the business that I work in, which incidentally is taxed TWICE by this 'wonderful' government, was run like the country is run - there would be a civil war within days.

  DANZIG 00:29 17 Dec 2007

If the business that I work in, which incidentally is taxed TWICE by this 'wonderful' government, was run like the country is run - I wopuld be out of a job! (and maybe in fear of my life!)

  LastChip 00:44 17 Dec 2007

Every time you read about data loss, there is always a common theme.

Haven't theses morons ever heard of encryption?

  wiz-king 05:48 17 Dec 2007

They would put the key on the same disc.

  €dstowe 06:44 17 Dec 2007

Encryption is not really the answer.

Encrypted of not, there are no circumstances where this data is required to be put on to CDs or, worse, on to laptop computers that are left in people's cars where security is minimal.

There are are sorts of transmission systems, some I'm sure we don't know about, that could transfer this information quickly and securely. This is not only the Internet but loads of other methods, such as may be used by the military, that could be brought into wider use.

More to the point, though, is why isn't some investigation carried out to find out why this information is required by these various bodies - some of whom, I at least, shouldn't have or need it - why does a privately run insurance company need details of a person's government data? This was the root of one of these scandalous faux pas.

I've written in a post elsewhere saying that I am certain that this is not a new phenomenon, just that it is now being made public. It can't be that after many years of "running perfectly" that there are multiple errors in so short a time. How much more has been lost that we have not been told about?

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