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  igk 19:50 17 May 2008

This website appeared on newsgroup a few months ago and many thought it would not last long but its still there, you can check if a vehicle has insurence or if it is illegal, I think it is a "must have" link, especially if you have it on a laptop/mobile device so that you can check if you are involved in an rta, then you have a bit more to get the police involved.
Since trying this out I am amazed at the number of people living in my road that are going around uninsured.
The link click here

  spikeychris 19:58 17 May 2008

at the number of people on your road without insurance.....

Have you read the below....

I confirm that the vehicle detailed above is registered, owned or insured by either my employer or myself and is regularly driven by me. I understand it is an offence to wrongfully obtain information of this nature without reasonable cause and if I fail to provide true reasons for acquiring information I may be committing an offence of unlawfully obtaining data contrary to section 55 of the Data Protection Act 1988. I declare that the information provided will not be used for any purposes unrelated to this enquiry. I agree to the terms of use as stated on this web site

  WhiteTruckMan 20:37 17 May 2008

to actually look up section 55 of the DPA

click here

and as I read it then you cant be prosecuted because

1-you arent actually obtaining any personal data, and

2- (from section 55) "(2) Subsection (1) does not apply to a person who shows—
(a) that the obtaining, disclosing or procuring—
(i) was necessary for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime"

and possibly "(d) that in the particular circumstances the obtaining, disclosing or procuring was justified as being in the public interest."


  mark2 21:10 17 May 2008

Having provided the details of our company vehicles to the MID and had our insurance broker check things too, none of our vehicles appear to be insured, so I think I'd be wary of accepting that sites statement that the vehicle is uninsured.

  mark2 21:11 17 May 2008

according to that site none of our vehicles are insured.

  igk 21:52 17 May 2008

I checked 10 vehicles of people that I know including my own the results were:
3 came up uninsured,1 of these is driven by a juvenile of 16, the other 2 are known by all to be "dodgy". The other 7 passed as insured and for the benefit of the data protection act dogooders the ONLY info given when a vehicle passes is the make and model of the vehicle NOTHING else.

  Forum Editor 23:38 17 May 2008

who point something out that's on your website link as "data protection act dogooders". That isn't the way to respond at all.

The information you get from the database is not a contravention of the Data protection laws because, as WhiteTruckMan points out, you aren't obtaining anything that personally identifies anyone. The fact that you know your neighbours' car registration numbers enables you to personally identify them anyway, so the extra information isn't obtained or disclosed illegally.

The fact that you made a false declaration to the site's operators to obtain the information is of course a matter for you and your conscience.

  igk 23:48 17 May 2008

Well I'm so bloody sorry if I am trying to help people get some evidence if they get into an rta with an uninsured driver!!!

  jolorna 23:56 17 May 2008

there is no need to swear after all it doesn't give the persons details only gives the car but some new cars even insured are not shown on it or even some second hand cars untill the insurance company loads the data

  Forum Editor 00:16 18 May 2008

For goodness sake, settle down. the site you refer to isn't going to help anyone who's involved in a Road traffic accident with an uninsured driver because you can't act upon that information - it's a police matter, and the police will obtain the details when you report the other driver for having no insurance. You'll know the driver is uninsured if he/she isn't able to provide details, and so will your insurers when they check the database/

The site serves no real purpose to be honest, apart from gratifying peoples' curiosity.

  yonex24562 16:09 19 May 2008

Just tried the website with my own vehicle. It came up as uninsured although I know it is on the one the DVLA use as I got my road tax disc online.Looks like the database is not the same.

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