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  BigAl127 00:03 12 Dec 2007

Anyone had any experience with getting a first Contract Hire vehicle on the above scheme?

My daughter ordered her 1st vehicle (Ford Focus C-Max 1.8 Style) and the dealer had arranged for the vehicle to be supplied on the 25th January 08.

He gave us a CP50 Form to be signed by the DWP which was done today, with a safe date of 19/12/07. Returned the form to the dealer, only to be told, they can't supply a vehicle of the type chosen till March 2008, and even this can't be guaranteed.

This means the DWP start taking the mooney from next week, and I understand any payments taken between next week and the delivery date will be refunded after delivery of the vehicle, so financially there's no loss.

However, we did point out right from the start, to the dealer, that we needed the vehicle a.s.a.p. because our current vehicle is really starting to play up in the cold weather as it's over 20yrs old.

They have offered an alternative vehicle with a shorter delivery time, but it's not really what is needed.

I seem to think it's a case of they want to wait till the new 08 reg comes out,saves them a bit of work for now, but that's not really of use to us.

Can anyone recommend another vehicle to test drive, that is comparable to the C-Max?

  MCE2K5 00:09 12 Dec 2007

Yep, Been there Seen it got the T-Shirt.

The Reason is, Motability resell the car after the three year contract, If you Have the January 08 Car they loose out because NEW Registration is FROM March 1st 2008.

I Don't get my new car till 4th March 2008.

  MCE2K5 00:17 12 Dec 2007

As to recommending another vehicle to test drive,
It depends on the disability.

Check out Motability's Web Site, click here

Most delivery times on new cars are 3 Months.

p.s. I did not start paying for my First Motability Car till two weeks after I had had it.

  BigAl127 00:18 12 Dec 2007


Thanks for your prompt reply, but I can't see how they lose out, the car isn't registered till the order is accepted, so at the changeover, the vehicle will be 3 yrs old when Motability come to resell it. So whether they Supply the vehicle on 1st Jan, 1st March or 1st June etc it'll still be three years old. Or am I missing the point somewhere?

  MCE2K5 00:24 12 Dec 2007

The way that they look at it is, That if you get a car with 25th January 08 Technically it is a 2007 Model, The New models come out on March 1st 2008.

Even though it is only about 5 weeks before March 1st it is still classed as Last years reg.

  BigAl127 00:26 12 Dec 2007

Have already checked the motabily website that you so kindly suggested, and following a test drive as the site suggests, hence our choice of the C-Max.

Everyone has different lengths of award for DLA and different start and end dates, so surely people are going in at varying times of the year for their first vehicle.

Obviously when your first three year hire period is due to end, they give you plenty of time to arrange your next vehicle, so it's hand the old one back, pick up the new one, a nice smooth transition. The problem seems to be getting your 1st vehicle.

  MCE2K5 00:43 12 Dec 2007

You got it in one.

The whole process for me will take three months,
New car ordered on 4th December 2007.
New car to be collected 4th March 2008

  laurie53 10:32 12 Dec 2007

Used Motability once, when my wife first became disabled ten years ago. Never again.

Trouble and rip offs from start to finish. A couple of examples. First service, got a bill for £250 from Motability for paintwork scratches, when I took it back to the dealer (Halfords) to have the scratches pointed out to me they couldn't find them.

I suspect most people would have just paid the bill.

When I handed the car back it took over a dozen phone calls to get them to come, the last but one told me the driver was only twenty minutes away, in the next village. The last one said he had not yet left Glasgow, eighty miles away! To cap it all, they wanted me to pay the mileage charge from my house to Glasgow, when the car was back their possession, and then to their depot in Edinburgh!

Now we always buy. It's our car, we can drive it as far as we like (for those that don't know there are fairly high excess mileage charges) and we can trade it in for a car of our choice not theirs.

Never forget that Motability, while a charity, is run by a consortium of the major high street banks, not generally known for their flexible approach to customers.

As always there are other views. There are many people who have been with Motability for years, without any problems.

  normskinner 11:21 12 Dec 2007

3 months is the normal time as MCE2K5 has said. I would wait for the c-max. It's a good car with good spec and lots of room. The deposit is very reasonable to.

At the mo, I think a Volvo s40 is nil, while you can get a good spec Vectra for around £300. nearly all the Astra range is nil.


I have never had a problem with them in 15 years. At one time they were keen on scratches and dents but now take the view that you will incur a few small ones especially while trying to manovour a wheelchair around.

As to the milage. they now give you 60,000 miles over a 3 year period or 100,000 miles over 5 years. Any excess milage over this is 5p per mile. that seems genorous to me.:))

  normskinner 11:23 12 Dec 2007

Oh dear.

Anyone got a spell check for Vista and IE7.:(

  BigAl127 12:33 12 Dec 2007

Been back to the dealer this morning, can get a Ford Fusion 1.6 TD next week. The advance payment should be £300, but they said they will reduce that to £100 as a goodwill gesture. The dealer says they only get a £180 handling fee from motability for supplying the car, so basically it's costing them £20 to try and keep us happy.

Booked a test drive for 3pm this afternoon for the Fusion, so fingers crossed.

Anyone got a Fusion? Comments welcomed.

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