Most virus writers are now high-tech thieves.

  TOPCAT® 13:14 25 Jan 2005

This change of direction not only threatens the home PC user with inadequate protection but countless corporate networks too.

So how can we be sure we have adequate installed defences against them? As I see it, we will always be one step behind these criminals. It's rather like a new ballistic missile being announced and the resulting rush to develop the anti-missile missile by those countries that feel threatened. In this scenario, the only good thing about it is the employment it provides for people.

It is mentioned in this article that defenceless broadband machines are favourite, so can we feel that bit more secure with our firewalls and antivirus products, ever updated, watching out for us? TC.


"No longer do virus writers produce programs to show off their technical prowess to rivals in the underground world of malware authors.

Not least, said Paul King, principal security consultant at Cisco, because the defences against such attacks are so common..."

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  spikeychris 17:44 25 Jan 2005

"In some cases spyware was being written that searched for rival malicious programs on PCs it infects and then trying to erase them so it has sole ownership of that machine."

Ain't that cute.

  Gaz 25 22:05 25 Jan 2005

they are creating more 'reliable' and 'better' as in quality, programs than the anti-virus companies, or software companies.

Infact, most are written very well. :-o Shame they can't put their wonderful programming skills to some use - and make some decent apps.

  gedr 13:01 26 Jan 2005

Some sites more risky than others, such as chat rooms where, unless you are well protected, is akin to playing hopscotch on the M1.


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