Most useless search?

  Kate B 22:12 11 Mar 2007

I've just checked the price of bog-standard ethernet cable on PC World's website for a friend. A shade under £9, since you ask, but what made me laugh was when I put the term "ethernet cable" in the search field, the only two results were ... an external HDD and MS Office 2007.

Is this the most useless search result ever? Or have you found a dafter one?

  [email protected] 22:47 11 Mar 2007

Kate..that is a bit unbelieavable isnt it considering the nature of the

ive had a issue before with them i bought a expensive speaker system off them before & paid full price but when i got it home i noticed the pacaging was or had already been opened but i realy wasnt too bothered as long as it all was there however when i opened the box there wasnt any power cable & the system had just been thrown into the box without any packaging which anoyed me so i called the store (Number on Recipt) and they said the best they could do was if i went into the local town centre & bought the power cable they would then pay me back the money that i had paid for it....
the store is approx 2 miles from where i live (as the crow flies) & my town centre is a good 15 mins away...i bought the cble but vowed i'd never do business with them again & i havent..!!!

  Kate B 22:54 11 Mar 2007

I wasn't intending to get stuck into a rant about PC World, I was just amused at the results my search returned.

  Python33 23:22 11 Mar 2007

must be standard result.
i searched for a Tom Tom rider Sat Nav kit & it came up with 320gb HDD & Office 2007 + acomputor Microscope????
Go Figure!! may be PC World are trying to sell more HDD & Office packs.

  Z1100 23:23 11 Mar 2007

Think positive... ;) hehe That's what my shrink would tell you...


Oh, em, it beats any of my searches, to answer the question.

  Brumas 23:39 11 Mar 2007

for a "saggar makers bottom knocker's bottom knocker" in the pottery museum at Blist Hill - I Never did find one :o(

  laurie53 03:43 12 Mar 2007

At the time I was introducing my wife to the benefits of the internet she was trying to get hold of a cowhide for a craft project.

She googled "leather"!!!


  [email protected] 11:51 12 Mar 2007

This one gives it a run for it's money click here

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