Most of us want to work past 65

  oresome 09:32 04 Apr 2011

"The Work and Pensions Secretary insisted that higher life expectancy meant people should – and usually want – to work for longer before taking their pension".

Is this the case? Or is it forced on many because they haven't enough pension to live on?

Does it depend on the type of job you do or can get, or you or your partners health.

Perhaps you'd get bored at home and miss the social interaction.

What's your view?

  Graham. 09:51 04 Apr 2011

My retirement age was 60 (BT). They asked me if I wanted to stay, I said no.

They asked if I would come back as a contractor. I said what's the pay? They said £200 a day. I said count me in.

  Armchair 10:27 04 Apr 2011

I don't. I'm cream crackered already, and I still have another 25 years or so to go before I reach state pension age (ie 67).

IDS quote, "Because we are living longer, most people don’t feel like retiring at 65. We have many, many thousands now choosing to work beyond 65 and that’s why we lifted that thing called the default retirement age, where you could be forced into retirement."

That's fine if you work isn't physically demanding, but that isn't the case for a lot of people.

  birdface 10:43 04 Apr 2011

I would love to have worked past 65 and still miss my job driving all over the UK.
It may have been a bit tiresome at times but never boring.
[like sitting about the house all day.]

  WhiteTruckMan 10:47 04 Apr 2011

not live to work.


  Grey Goo 11:07 04 Apr 2011

"Beware the IDS of March,April,May,etc"

  ams4127 11:10 04 Apr 2011

I retired last Thursday, two days before my 68th birthday.

I have a big enough pension to live fairly comfortably but would love to carry on working. I am going to have a couple of weeks just relaxing and then start looking for something to do.

  rickf 11:36 04 Apr 2011

I am still working and don not intend giving up as long as I am able to. What do I do once given up? Play golf all day? No thanks.
I will miss the social interation, meeting new people, new challenges, learning new things. And dare a say, a purpose in life. The feeling of going to work drives me. I don't feel old and ready to be put to grass. I am also contributing to society and paying my taxes for future generations.

  Blackhat 11:43 04 Apr 2011

If I am still working past 60 then something will have gone wrong.

I have seen too many business men push too far for too long and end up dead within a few years of retirement. I am 48 and working hard now on my exit strategy from my companies, this involves a big push over the next 5 years and a management buyout within the following 5.

Coming out of a recession is a good time to build up the value of companies, I could sell up now for ½ M but the plan is to get closer to 1M and kiss ‘em goodby before the big 6 0.

I have too many things to do other than work, If I retired tomorrow it would take me weeks just to plan the next few years.

  carver 11:58 04 Apr 2011

It all depends on the job you do, not if you like doing the job.

Some one who is doing a very light job could work for as long as they want, thats if they have no life outside work, but try doing a heavy construction job or any job that requires physical activity and see if you you still want to die at work.

"The Work and Pensions Secretary insisted that higher life expectancy meant people should – and usually want – to work for longer before taking their pension".

I bet the hardest thing he has to do all day is tie his shoes, but that proved difficult so he now buys slip ons

  Covergirl 12:22 04 Apr 2011

I'd like to retire as soon as possible (I'm 51).

My official company retirement date is age 60 but I can amend this nearer the time if I choose.

Age 60 sounds good, but :

State pension age for me is 67 now all the rules have been changed to suit the governments finances
Works pension not enough so will need state pension as well.
TOH is nearly 6 years younger so if we both retire at state pension age I'll have to hang around nearly 6 years whilst she continues working.
TOH health not too good and she could do with retiring now age 46
I'll be lucky if I live until retirement age 67 although I'm generally healthy at the moment.

I generally like my job but wouldn't want to continue it if I didn't have to.

I think this current pensions situation and working longer has been brought upon us by the governments recent changes to pensionable age.

Personally I think that these changes have ruined lives, as people will have planned for retirement with state pension at a certain age and the new rules will have killed many aspirations.

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