The most imortant laptops ever?

  Managing ed 11:34 07 Jul 2007

We've been having a bit of fun in the PCA office (we don't get out much) deciding on our top 10 laptops in history (I told you we don't get out much). It's fair to say it has caused some disagreement...

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I wondered what forum members' thought? Are we right? Have we missed anything?

Sadly, there are no Amazon vouchers involved.


Matt Egan
Managing editor
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  WhiteTruckMan 11:49 07 Jul 2007

will be taking up an increasing share of the pc market because of their ease of use and convenience and its interesting to see how that convenience has developed over the years. But I confess to some puzzlement: is the word imortant some kind of journalistic tech-speak that has somehow passed me by? :)


  Jackcoms 11:56 07 Jul 2007

"The most imortant laptops ever?"

Define "important".

To who?

In what way?

  Forum Editor 12:09 07 Jul 2007

I debated about contributing unless I was in line for an Amazon voucher, but hey, there's always another time.

My vote would undoubtedly go to the Toshiba Libretto 100CT - widely known as "The adorable Toshiba Libretto". My love affair with this machine began when I first started travelling regularly to the Far East on business, and I bought one in Hong Kong.

Toshiba boasted that the Libretto was the world's smallest, lightest fully functional Windows PC, and with it's 7.1 inch 800x600 True-colour display and 950 gramme weight it certainly was small and light - I could easily slip it into an overcoat pocket. The 100CT had a 66 MHz Pentium® processor with MMX™ technology which ran on 1.8 volts. It had a 2.1Gb hard drive that was only 7.5 mm thick, and 32 MB RAM, which I increased to a heady 64 MB. My machine ran Windows 98 and a full version of Microsoft Office.

It was very much a case of love at first sight, and for the next few years my Libretto went everywhere with me, it must have covered hundreds of thousands of miles, and never put a foot wrong.

Toshiba launched a new Libretto - the U100 - in 2005, and I thought about it, but the magic had gone - there are other, better small machines on the market. Me and my 100CT parted company when my eldest daughter started at university, and she heartlessly flogged it to a mate a year or so later.

  Forum Editor 12:13 07 Jul 2007

Don't be so picky, it's just a bit of fun. Try to lighten up, and realise that you don't have to analyse everything to the ultimate degree - it gets a tad boring.

As for "But I confess to some puzzlement: is the word imortant some kind of journalistic tech-speak that has somehow passed me by?"

I've never heard such pretentious rubbish in my life - important means just that - important in whatever terms you care to use to define the word. We're not re-writing the history of the world here.

  Jackcoms 12:19 07 Jul 2007

"you don't have to analyse everything to the ultimate degree"

I hardly think that it's within your remit to comment upon people's personalities.

I analyse most things. I don't really have a 'light' side to my personality.

That's the way I am

  WhiteTruckMan 12:21 07 Jul 2007

That was said with a smile, as I indicated in my post. I was having a minor joke at a simple spelling mistake of the kind that all of us have been guilty of. There was no need for what you just said. You need to step back and take a deep breath. It happens to all of us.


  Legolas 12:32 07 Jul 2007

I am comparatively new to laptops having only been a laptop user for a couple of years so I am not familiar with any of the top ten.

I am on to my second laptop a Fujitsu Siemens AMILO XI 1546 duel core Intel processor 1024 RAM 17" TFT and an ATI Mobility Radeon 1800X Graphics card for gaming.

With the price of laptops dropping dramatically over the last few years and their power increasing I think they will continue to get a growing share of the market I know I rarely use my desktop now and I basically just use the desktop HDD to store stuff on.

I don't think I would go back to a desktop now as the Laptop is so versatile.

I can even take it with me to my favourite hotel on Arran where they have free wireless internet access.

  Legolas 12:39 07 Jul 2007

I don't thing the FE noticed the spelling mistake and therefore misunderstood your post, why is everyone so touchy is it the rotten summer we've had so far or perhaps to much socialising last night ;-) Hugs and kisses to all.

  Forum Editor 12:42 07 Jul 2007

"I analyse most things. I don't really have a 'light' side to my personality."

You have my deepest sympathy.

  Forum Editor 12:44 07 Jul 2007

I like my high horse, and I'll stay on it if it's all the same to you. I'll be able to pick on any future typos in your posts much more easily from up here.

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