The most expensive Olympics ever...

  Quickbeam 08:02 08 Feb 2014

Whatever happened to the idea that they were spending far too much staging the Olympics and wanted the costs reducing drastically so as more countries would be tempted to bid and that countries wouldn't be near bankrupted by staging them...?

Loads a money

  spuds 11:35 08 Feb 2014

When I see or hear about these type of events, I often wonder if a complete review is taken after the event, to see if the money spent or the disturbances before,during and after were well worth it, and actual value for money as some would seem to think?.

  morddwyd 11:44 08 Feb 2014

But they always are, by the very nature of economics!

  john bunyan 14:55 08 Feb 2014

I hope I am wrong, but if the chaos in Brazil over the World Cup is anything to go by, I wonder if the Brazil Olympics will be "On time, on budget"?

The Russians spent a great deal, and few others could match it. I suspect there will be no shortage of candidate countries in the future, however.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:32 08 Feb 2014

The Russians spent so much because Putin wants to demonstrate to the world that they can do it better than the West. Presiding, as he does, over a near totalitarian state in the classic USSR mould, he can pretty much do as he wants.

  wee eddie 15:58 08 Feb 2014

He wants to be one up on the Chinese!

  Quickbeam 16:43 08 Feb 2014

The point I was getting at was that when we won the 2012 London bid, the IOC required that we demonstrate that as much of the Olympic infrastructure would be reused and not demolished or left abandoned afterwards. Like the Olympic village being converted to social housing and the main stadium converted to a football stadium. At the time the IOC wanted this positive legacy.

With Russia we have multi lane highways that will never be needed again and I read that the Olympic green promises preventing environmental disharmony have been totally ignored.

Has the IOC given up on the lasting legacy theme?

  fourm member 16:53 08 Feb 2014

I'd like to see the numbers broken down. My guess is that a lot of the money that is being called Olympic spend is, according to Putin, development money that would have been spent.

In Putin's favour, the money on hotels etc leaves a much improved seaside resort that will get more use than thousands of hotel beds up a mountain.

  Aitchbee 16:44 09 Feb 2014

I haven't noticed much 'in-your-face' western advertising hoardings on the snowy Sochi man-made mountains so far ... maybe 'cos it's on the BEEB?

It's breathtaking sport, at it's best, BTW.

  fourm member 18:01 09 Feb 2014

'It's breathtaking sport, at it's best, BTW.'

Is it?

I watch the summer games to see people doing well but I find myself watching the winter games to see people doing badly.

I don't mean I want to see people get hurt.

It's the falls that impress because people still compete knowing what can go wrong.

  Aitchbee 18:20 09 Feb 2014

fourm member - I have lived a sheltered life, so seeing those brave snow-boarders 'intentionally' do multiple flips and turns thru-the-air, makes a welcome change from hearing about the old folks and young folks, back home, breaking limbs on untreated icy pavements ...

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