The most annoying IT products ever

  Managing ed 13:19 13 Jul 2007

Personally my vote goes for Clippy, but we've come up with no fewer than 20 tech irritants. Any we missed? Do any of these products not deserve their fate?

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Matt Egan
Managing Editor
PC Advisor

  Stuartli 14:35 13 Jul 2007

Might not qualify strictly speaking but Trojans, worms, viruses, malware etc.

All made possible by technology and the astonishing success of the Internet.

  babybell 14:40 13 Jul 2007

Well I only scan read it so sorry if I post one already on there but I loathe Microsoft 'Works'. Like a supermarket own brand version of 'Word' and just plain naff on all levels. All new cheap PC's are riddled with it and its a nightmare to remove it from all of its little hideaways on ur PC.

  Chris the Ancient 14:58 13 Jul 2007

Interesting thread, Matt.

The bane of my life is when there has been a crash - with a few well-chosen words from me - and I'm invited' to send an error report to Microsoft. I'm sure it would just go into that great big trash can. And I can't tell them what I think either? (though perhaps that's just as well)

  Totally-braindead 15:11 13 Jul 2007

The clippy thing is annoying but you can turn him off so how hard is that. Spam I suppose doesn't count as its not really an IT product - or is it?
I suppose my vote would go to Tiscali CDs instead of AOL CDs, you should know all about that you used to include one in every magazine and more often than not I ripped the page trying to get them off. Which I didn't mind as long as the back of the page wasn't some article I had wanted to read, but Murphys Law again, it usually was.

I started the Vista petition at 10 Downing Street about the Vista pricing comparing the UK and the US and I also have tried Vista and couldn't get it to work properly, gave up and went back to XP. I notice you mention it, given my experience I would vote for it, Vista is too dear in the UK compared with the US and that alone would get my vote for being annoying as well as my problems when I tried it but the most annoying thing has to be its nagging, try to delete something and you'll see what I mean. Are you sure? Are you really sure? I know you can turn this off but then you lose some of the security, personally I couldn't live with it, too annoying.

  benjiboots 15:14 13 Jul 2007

"I'm invited' to send an error report to Microsoft." - just out of interest, has anybody ever clicked the send button.
Going back to 1981, I had a Sinclair ZX81, which was great apart from the naff keyboard and irritating bulky massive 16K RAM pack that would envitably crash your computer just after you had spent 2 hours programming in some useless game in basic . . .

  crosstrainer 15:18 13 Jul 2007

Contenders, and deserve a fate worse than death...But how about the new "Defrag" in Vista? Like many other features of the new OS, it tells you nothing about what it's doing, has no graphical representation of it's progress, canes the Hdd's to death, and takes a lifetime to complete.

  Stuartli 15:35 13 Jul 2007

Spam IS an IT product - without the technology it wouldn't be possible.

  anskyber 15:47 13 Jul 2007

Roxio and all the other burning programs which kill your DVD drive if you uninstall them.

  wolfie3000 21:58 13 Jul 2007

1 Routers (any)
2 Quicktime
3 Realplayer
4 Vista
5 Any Serif software
6 AOL Instant messenger
7 Xfire
8 World of warcraft
9 Cordless mice (Oh no the batteries have run out again!!)
10 Internet explorer 7

  €dstowe 22:09 13 Jul 2007


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