The most amazing days of my like

  Kevscar1 20:19 16 Mar 2009

Probably not a topic for these forums and I know that most of you won't care but I am blown away by this

I have never had any children of my own. My second wife had 3 children from her first marriage so i have 3 grandchildren which I have always thought was something special.
Last Monday i got an e-mail from 25 years in my past. A woman asked how old I was as she thought she may have know me previously.
When I checked up on her she was the daughter of my first wife someone who I had always regarded as my own daughter. I told her who I was and what had happened the last time I had seen her.
She e-mailed back and told me that her son lewis's birthday was the same day as mine and she would think of me then. I now had 4 grandchildren. E-mails started going back and forth and on Thursday she told me she has 5 kids. We both agree that I now have 8 grandchildren and she has agreed to meet up in 3 weeks time.
It is impossible to descibre how i feel and my wife says this is fantastic which is the icing on the cake.

  laurie53 20:27 16 Mar 2009

What a wonderful surprise straight out of the blue.

No wonder you're blown away.

  canarieslover 20:38 16 Mar 2009

Hope you have a good birthday reminder program installed.

  Kevscar1 20:58 16 Mar 2009

Yes I am going to have to program them all in there is no way I dare miss one. Lewis will not be a problem my stepfather had the same days as us as well and Julie's mum told me she was born 2 days early on 22nd July

  Jim Thing 21:03 16 Mar 2009

Your post made my day.

  Forum Editor 22:11 16 Mar 2009

it's great to hear some happy news - congratulations to all of you.

  perpetual motion 22:20 16 Mar 2009

Kevscar, I agree with FE its great news WELL DONE!!

  MAJ 22:34 16 Mar 2009

I know exactly how you are feeling, Kevscar, my daughter from a relationship I had when very young, and I thought had disowned me, arrived on my doorstep just before Christmas and presented me with three beautiful grandchildren (my first), the youngest was born on my birthday. I have never been happier and my partner is over the moon as well. My daughter and her fiance are getting married soon, I just returned from the stag party last weekend.

Congrats Grandad Kevscar. :-)

  TopCat® 23:09 16 Mar 2009

A sad fact of life with some families is that some members drift apart as time moves inexorably on. So this is indeed good news to hear, and I hope it won't be too long before Kev and his car takes to the road to a beautiful reunion with his long lost ones.

Congratulations and best wishes to you all, Kev. TC.

  rdave13 00:39 17 Mar 2009

What a great story. Congrats.

  MaxUpload 04:26 17 Mar 2009

It's a wonderful feeling isn't it?

About two years ago I got a letter from my son who I had not seen since he was 9 months old.

I had a relationship which resulted in a pregnancy and to cut a long story short her parents shut me out of her life.I met her mother out shopping one day with my child in a pushchair and that was the last I saw of him.

My son's mother married and gave him her married name.

That letter opened up a whole new chapter in my life,presenting me with a daughter-in-law,and two more beautiful grandchildren to add to the one I already have.

I'm 61 now and just wish that I could have enjoyed the pleasures I feel now instead of spending the last 40 years or so just wondering.

Cherish every moment Kevscar.

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