More on PINs, passwords, etc.

  Jim Thing 11:55 25 May 2007

Do keyloggers simply record keystrokes, or is it also possible for someone to snoop on other forms of data entry?

My bank requires me to enter various items of information in order to log on to my account. I store all this information, together with the URL of my bank, in a text file on my HD and I enter each requested item by copying & pasting. Does this method provide adequate protection against keyloggers or am I just being naive?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:22 25 May 2007

The chances of a home computer having a keylogger installed and a hacker using information from it is very, very slight and most of the tales of keyloggers on home computers are apocryphal. However, apart form the URl, it is unwise to keep any passwords etc. on your computer. I am asked for my account number, a code number and 2 random letters of my password. If I were you I would keep the account number and 5 digit passcode away from your computer in case it is nicked. However a thief would still need your main password to get into your account.


  Jim Thing 12:45 25 May 2007

Thanks for the advice. In my case I am asked for my Customer Ref. Number (allocated by the bank), three randomly-chosen digits of my PIN, and three randomly chosen characters from my password, which is an alphanumeric string. My actual account number isn't required, nor is a 5-digit passcode.

I accept what you say regarding keyloggers on home computers. However, as a general question, would my method (i.e. entering data via copy & paste) defeat a keylogger — assuming I had one?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:16 25 May 2007

Yes because they would nee to know the whole of your password and PIN.


  Jim Thing 13:32 25 May 2007

Many thanks, GANDALF <|:-)>

That's the answer I was hoping for.

  Forum Editor 17:26 25 May 2007

do just that - they log your key-presses. If you don't press the keys on your keyboard nothing is recorded.

  Jim Thing 17:37 25 May 2007

That's the answer to my question, succinct and precise. I'll continue to log on my way, even though the possibility of being infected by a keylogger may be remote, as GANDALF <|:-)> says. Better safe than sorry, I reckon.

But what about the On-screen Keyboard,FE? Is that imune?

  si_l 16:34 26 May 2007

It must be, you aren't pressing keys on the keyboard. A hardware key logger could not register this, as no data is going through it when you use the On screen keyboard.

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