More copyright theft arrests....

  Forum Editor 18:46 23 Oct 2007
  anskyber 19:37 23 Oct 2007

Good. we can talk all day about the issue of copyright, the use of DRM and the like.

The fact is copyright exists for very good reasons, without such protection I think it will stifle creativity and innovation. Yes, the creator can make a lot of money but since when has having money been illegal.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:50 23 Oct 2007

'but since when has having money been illegal'..this seems to be the crux of the anti-Microsoft whingers.


  Forum Editor 20:16 23 Oct 2007

is that as soon as an individual, or a business enterprise becomes successful, rich, and/or famous there will be those (and plenty of them) who just can't stand it. They'll do their utmost to see the successful person or company as the embodyment of evil. If it's a company these people will find ways to knock the products or services, and whinge endlessly about how the business is 'ripping off' (that favourite phrase) the poor, unsuspecting consumer.

If it's an individual they'll wonder how the person came by his/her money, and hint that it must have been acquired by illegal or immoral means.

"They can afford it" they say, as they set about trying to steal what they need. "Music should be free" is the cry, as they busily download everything they can lay their hands on. These people - the serious downloaders - are thieves, and nobody should try to pretend otherwise.

  realist 20:18 23 Oct 2007

Yes, arrested and if proven guilty of such "theft" will no doubt be jailed, unlike the individual found guilty yesterday of assaulting and blinding a 96 year old man and was duly handed 4 years probation!

  Jak_1 20:30 23 Oct 2007

Whilst both are crimes, without a doubt, I have to agree that the difference in sentecing is ludicrous. The copyright thieves will probably get a substantial jail term whilst the perpatrator of a vicious attack on a defenceles old man basically gets away with probation with the liklihood of commiting further crime.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:32 23 Oct 2007

that crimes against property (including intellectual property) seem to be taken far more seriously by the judiciary than crimes against the person.


  laurie53 22:05 23 Oct 2007

If you rip off a business you are affecting the dividend paid to shareholders.

Most of out politicians are shareholders, even if they have set up some sort of blind trust for the duration.

  Forum Editor 22:38 23 Oct 2007

It might seem that way to you, but I wonder what you're basing your opinion on - maybe, like many others, you're reacting to the media's attention to specific cases?

The fact is, that in 2005 (the latest year for which figures have been fully collated) the average custodial sentence handed out in Crown court cases increased for almost all indictable offences (including violence against the person), with the exception of sentences for robbery, fraud and forgery, and criminal damage - those all showed an average decrease over the previous year.

Immediate custody sentences for violence against the person have increased steadily since 1995, and in 2005 now average 3.9 months. The average custodial sentence for fraud and forgery (for instance)has decreased since 1995, and averaged 2.9 months.

The average sentence for all offences in 2005 was 3.9 months.

I don't think statistics like these, which come from the Home Office, indicate that violence against the person is generally taken less seriously (by the judiciary) than crimes against property, but when there are obviously going to be exceptions, and without having access to the full details of a specific case it's difficult to make an informed judgment.

  Totally-braindead 22:41 23 Oct 2007

fourm member perhaps he is mentally ill, but would you feel comfortable with such an individual wandering about your neigbourhood? I think not. There are mentally ill people who are no risk to the public and those that are. I suggest by this persons actions he is of the latter category and as such should not be on the street.
I never read the case and I notice you mention supervision program so perhaps this individual is not wandering about in which case perhaps the sentence is reasonable. But I wonder what form this supervision takes, is he watched all the time? If not and he can move about without supervision then I for one am not happy about it.

  Strawballs 22:47 23 Oct 2007

A work college of mine was assulted and robbed by 2 somalians that were here on forged passports, They got 9years each 5 for the theft and 4 for the assult, what does that say!!!!!

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