Moral Guidance

  riiverstock 13:17 23 Apr 2007

I sent off for 2 silver pc cases @£50 each.

They arrived to-day.
However,inside one is a full system build worh £500.

What would you do?

  Kate B 13:18 23 Apr 2007

Let them know and send it back. No question, I'm afraid. You are not within your rights to keep it.

  Colin 13:19 23 Apr 2007

Inform the company you got the case from. They might say that they don't want it back.

  riiverstock 13:23 23 Apr 2007

Thanks for your lead Kate B.

Not really Colin.
If I had not opened the box then I could easily have sold it onto a customer without me noticing.

  riiverstock 13:24 23 Apr 2007

Sorry I mis-read you Colin;thought you were saying that they were asking for it back.

  anskyber 13:26 23 Apr 2007

Its probably unsolicited goods click here so you could, I think, keep them.

I would let them know and ask if they want it back, then await the arrival of the second PC case and of course the return postal costs.

  anskyber 13:28 23 Apr 2007

I should have made my post clearer, "await the arrival" etc before sending it back.

  Kate B 13:36 23 Apr 2007

oh, that's an interesting link, anskyber. Hmm, I wonder if it applies in the case of a mistake. I think as it's their mistake, the onus is on them to arrange collecting it from you - you shouldn't be out of pocket in any way over it, riiverstock.

  riiverstock 13:47 23 Apr 2007

What about the situation where I urgently needed the case for a customer build.
So I removed all the insides!

Would they want the expensive parts back and how could they be adequately packed without they original boxes?

Nothing is that simple it appears.

They are going to notice that it is missing and someone from the company is going to get in a lot of trouble so I think it would be best to let them know.

I'm sure they'll find some way to collect the parts at their own expense, even if you have to remove them from the case.

  MichelleC 14:48 23 Apr 2007

The rule of thumb is:

Write to them and let them know, and that they can collect from you. If they don't collect after 3 months the goods are yours.

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