Money from the social fund

  kindly 14:03 21 Feb 2009

Hi everyone. A week ago i got a letter to say I got an interview for a job. After being unemployed for 10 months after being made redundant I was really pleased. I had applied for over 200 jobs and ever only had five replies.
Not having any savings and not getting any benifits since November last year, my waredrobe was in a poor state. So I asked the jobcenter if they could help me with some money for some cloths to help me look good at the interview. After a few phone calls they gave me £33.50p.
This was £16 for a pair of trousers and £5 for a jacket. This left me £12.50p for petrol money for my son to take me. The distance is 60 mile return.
The prices were taken from ASDA. They did not have any of my sizes so I had to go to Matalan where I got some cloths. The cheapest being £34 for the coat and jacket.
Anyway, The chap I spoke to a couple of months ago said that i would be able to get a suite and shoes from the same fund. Funny how the goalposts get moved when you need help. Thats all I wanted to tell you really.

  hssutton 14:32 21 Feb 2009

You obviously don't know how to work the system :)

My son was made redundant in November. 4 weeks ago he was granted an interview for a job 80 miles away. He got the job and started work 3 weeks ago, but he's still waiting for his petrol expenses. His mother provided the money so it's actually us that is awaiting the refund.

On top of that he has been informed that he will be paying emergency tax on his first pay check, due to a mistake made by the Job Centre or the tax office

  crosstrainer 14:34 21 Feb 2009

I once employed a new member of staff who was in your predicament. The Jobcentre were frankly useless, and she had no money for travel to and from work for the first month prior to receiving her first salary.

I made some enquiries, and discovered that you can get what is known as a community loan:

These vary by locality, but your local citizens advise will be able to help. The young lady in question was able to obtain enough money (with some help from me) to see her through her first month's employment.

  kindly 15:02 21 Feb 2009

I will look at that when I find out if I get the job. Have been told I will find out within a week of the interview. cheers all

  crosstrainer 15:07 21 Feb 2009

Good luck, I hope you get the job!!

  spuds 15:26 21 Feb 2009

Perhaps another route you could try, is by contacting your local MP, expressing your willingness to work, but 'the system' seems to have failed you. It can be very surprising what can happen, when an MP makes a few enquiries.

The £33.50 would have just about covered an MP's mid morning snack. But having said that, there are a number of large stores that sell jeans for £3.00, shirts for £4.00,ties £2.00, winter jackets £9.00 plus shoes at £6.00 ;o(

  kindly 17:27 21 Feb 2009

Thanks spuds,
one thing I have done is emailed....The employment reply
My local reply reply reply
I have telephones my local MP office in houses of parliment, talked to someone with a mouthfull of marbles who said he would pass message on. I did get a phone call from a chap in my local MP's office who was as much good as a chocolate fireguard.
All my enquires were about re training, this has always been rejected by the jobcentre. They say there is no money. cheers all.

  Clapton is God 18:02 21 Feb 2009

"said that i would be able to get a suite and shoes from the same fund"

Why would you want to wear a suite to an interview?

I doubt that would create a good impression.

I find it's much better to sit on a suite in the lounge.

  Kevscar1 18:46 21 Feb 2009

I find it's much better to sit on a suite in the lounge

Do you sit on a suite in the lounge in a Lounge Suit.

  kindly 21:11 21 Feb 2009

ok ok, a suit would be better. LOL

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:26 21 Feb 2009

It's possible the goalposts had not been moved.

The advisor you spoke to a couple of months ago could have been referring to something other than the social fund, Advisor Discretionary Fund (ADF) which, as the name implies is a budgeted amount of money which advisor's can use at their discretion to aid people secure employment. It's quite possible that the advisor would have allowed enough money for you to get a suit and a pair of shoes from this.

As for the money you did receive, presumably this was a budgeting loan or a crisis loan? Quite frankly I'm astonished you received anything.

Crosstrainer - in some circumstances it would be possible for a person to receive help with travel to work costs but they have to ask for it. You'd be amazed at the number of people who say they have asked when they have done no such thing.

Of course, it's possible your employee did ask and had no such entitlement.

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