modern man

pointless post maybe...

I work 60 hours minimun a week,my additional duties include

family of four ...all washing and drying
+school uniforms ironed sunday night
meals - breakfast daily
lunch-prepare packlunch for kids x5 days
tea-cook x 4 times out of 7(one of the other is takeaway)
ps my other half works 30 hours

is that a good work/life balance or what?

  Kate B 22:30 03 Jun 2007

Not sure what your point is. Moaning that your other half works fewer hours than you do, perhaps? If so, I suggest you raise the point with him/her.

  tammer 22:47 03 Jun 2007

Yes, it looks like your other half is underperforming in their household duties, other than when the lights go out.

No point as such kate B
Just interested in the other forum members point of view, in terms of modern mans expectations comparitive to yesteryear

im sure my pop went to work and did nothing else bar the garden
raise the point with her..sorry too busy

  Forum Editor 23:50 03 Jun 2007

I'm not sure there's any such thing as a good work/life balance - your life is what it is, and if you feel something's not right in terms of an equal division of responsibility it's up to you to try to change it.

My wife and I both work, although she has recently decided to reduce her workload, and now works three days a week. We tend to share everything with regard to what has to be done in the house, and when the children were at school there was no set routine - either of us would organise food, and the myriad of small things that have to be done. Now they're gone we still have no set routine, whoever fancies doing the cooking does it. We're lucky enough to have someone who comes to clean the house, and that's a real luxury, especially when we're both at work.

I think that lots of families do more or less the same thing - the days of sharply-divided areas of domestic responsibility are gone, mainly because both people in a partnership/marriage are working.

It's better that way, I think.

  Jak_1 00:58 04 Jun 2007

Your personal family life is a matter for your family! What you are saying is only one side of a dual partnership and whithout hearing the otherside it is difficult to make a realistic comment.
You say your other half works half the time you do but you do not say what he does inbetween!
I would say that you both need to sit down and talk things through but, as I am not married then I am not qualified to make any judgement.

i work about 40 hours a week and spend the other time trying to keep myself busy, no wife no kids. i know it's the grass is always greener thing, and i loved this life when i was active with my addictions and party lifestyle. but nowadays just occasionally i wonder about the what ifs. I think it is a lot healthier to always have an active mind. Most people i know envy my freedom, sometimes i hate it. It can be very dangerous to have to much freetime, and also to have no freetime, i suppose it's about finding some middle ground!

  egapup 08:37 04 Jun 2007

Ever notice that a job a woman does is always twice as hard as anything a man does, even the same job.

  laurie53 08:43 04 Jun 2007

Try being a carer, particularly one who goes to work or school (and there are many carers under 16).

  Sic 11:22 04 Jun 2007

I think i must be very lucky, me and my wife both work full time (about 55 hours a week inc commute)and share all household chores, i do most of the cooking whilst my wife does most of the laundary, everything else is split pretty much down the middle.

Thats meant to be the point of marriage isnt it, a partnership?

  Totally-braindead 11:29 04 Jun 2007

I don't think theres any particular right or fair way of deciding who does what. Its what works for you and your family thats right for you.
Everyone works different hours etc and have different skills, likes and dislikes.
When I see the way some of my friends and family organise things I do sometimes think that its not the way I would do it but it works for them so why knock it.

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