Modern day fantasies

  gengiscant 09:30 25 Jan 2011

I was watching how How its Made on Quest and they had an item on filing cabinets. Seemingly we make more of these item than ever because the paperless office heralded by the PC never materialized was nothing more of a fantasy.

Which got me thinking about modern day fantasies, by modern I mean in my lifetime.
Heres a couple of others.

Prior to joining the Common Market we were promise passport-less travel within the countries belonging to the body.

And my particular favorite :We're all in this together.

  Seth Haniel 09:41 25 Jan 2011

when it comes to showing passports - and many a border just a passport held up has sufficed -

but try getting back into Britain and its the 3rd degree

  interzone55 10:05 25 Jan 2011

Electric cars.

With current battery technology this really isn't going to happen, because the range of these cars just isn't good enough for anything like a standard commute, and battery recharge times are far too long on anything other than a cooker circuit.

Regarding the paperless office, I used to have a manager that printed off every email, and simply threw most of them away because she'd read them off the screen.

At work we receive a lot of tenders, many times these are a PDF file, but rather than emailing the PDF some customers print them out and fax them...

  peter99co 11:26 25 Jan 2011

try getting back into Britain and its the 3rd degree.

And so it should be. We set the standard for others to follow.

  Clapton is God 12:18 25 Jan 2011

"And so it should be"

Indeed so - if you're carrying a non-British passport.

But not for those of us who were born and bred here.

  Colin 13:04 25 Jan 2011

What happened to free electricity as mooted when nuclear power stations were first built?

Also, where's my hover car?

  gengiscant 13:38 25 Jan 2011

Recently I found it necessary to obtain a copy of my hospital records, I was eventually handed,after jumping through various hoops, a bundle of papers 3" thick.This was 15 months worth of records consisting of duplicates and triplicates.
Paperless office, grow millions of more trees I say.

  interzone55 14:28 25 Jan 2011

And the beauty is those records are all sent where-ever you go.

Got an appointment at North Manchester General, your records get their first. Appointment cancelled, back they go to the warehouse, new appointment arranged, records despatched again.

My ex-wife's records made up two stacks, each at least a foot high, I reckon they weighed in at a couple of stone...

  morddwyd 20:29 25 Jan 2011

There is progress in some areas on the medical records front.

When I last rang NHS 24 (Scottish equivalent of NHS Direct) about my wife at 2.30am they took DOB and address and were quoting directly from her full medical history within seconds.

By the time the ambulance arrived the relevant information had been downloaded to the vehicle and they could get straight to work, as soon as they arrived.

When she got to the hospital, again everything was waiting for her.

  Forum Editor 00:27 26 Jan 2011

is virtually paperless.

I hardly ever print anything, and almost all my correspondence now takes place via email. Important documents are attached as PDFs.

The problem is that lots of people are fixated on paper records - they take the view that printing a document is the best way of archiving it. That may be true in some contexts, but millions of bits of printed paper are needlessly generated each day. It isn't necessary to print everything, but people keep on doing it.

  Strawballs 00:56 26 Jan 2011

Check out the Nissan Leaf

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