Mobility Scooter training, when?

  Blackhat 17:40 12 Jun 2013

We have discussed this before but here we go again.

After seeing this article about a Mobility scooter hit and run, when will training or licensing be introduced?

Mobility scooter hit & run

I was nearly knocked over by one a few years ago and I also saw an elderly man get on his scooter and with steering in a full lock went into reverse, span round in a circle and tipped over, fortunately it was in a very open area but could easily have been in a confined place with pedestrians.

There have also been reports of these thing going along motorways!

  spuds 18:02 12 Jun 2013

Who would do the necessary training and licensing, the company selling the product, the local council or a government test centre. Then there will be the usual comments about costs?.

I have a mobility scooter (in reserve for that day), my late brother and sister in law both had a mobility scooter, but both just couldn't get on with it. My sister also as one, and only recently she had another rider of a mobility scooter ride into her, causing damage to her mobility scooter, The offender simply drove away, stating that they had no insurance of money, so basically it was tough luck. That cost my sister, or at least her insurance £600 to put that incident to rest.

So something as to be done, but what and by whom?.

And please don't tell me it might be discrimination?.

  Nontek 18:12 12 Jun 2013

I depend on my EMV (Electric Mobility Vehicle) for my independence, and I agree that training should be given to new users many of whom have never driven anything at all. As most regulars here know, I am a retired Driving Instructor so I am a firm believer in vehicle training, of any sort.

As far as licensing is concerned, it is already law that EMVs capable of a speed of 12KPH must be registered at DVLA and must display a normal Tax Disc, just like any other road vehicle. EMVs capable of that speed will also have Lights/Horn/Hazard Warning (audio and visual) and Indicators. They must also have full Insurance.

  Nontek 18:16 12 Jun 2013

spuds Training should be done by the Suppliers, which I believe should be free - after all EMVs are not cheap!

For those buying used EMVs privately, then they should be tested by either the Police or by their local Driving School(s).

  Nontek 18:23 12 Jun 2013

BTW, I was also the victim of a EMV hit-and-run which caused £150 damage to my EMV - an elderly person on another EMV reversed into mine without looking backwards first, he did not even have rear-view mirrors, I could not reverse out of his way due to a lady with a baby buggy immediately behind me! Fortunately I had several independent witnesses who gave me their details so I had no problem getting it sorted via my EMV Insurer.

  spuds 18:56 12 Jun 2013

Nontek - I have seen some of the supplier's training courses, which may consist of a few verbal or 'active' instructions and a ride along a road. My concern if the supplier took on the role, would any licencing show favouritism towards a customer and a sales?.

I think a reasonable option might be a local council, who would have contact with persons with the appropriate credentials. In my area, one of the main council's already run refresher courses for elderly motorist's, and special training course for school's whose pupils want to gain pre-licence training for motor vehicle, motor bikes and bicycles.

  BT 23:16 12 Jun 2013

Similar incident just up the road from where I live

hit and run mobility scooter

  Quickbeam 00:40 13 Jun 2013

I'm surprised that the supermarkets haven't restricted the use of personal high speed scooters in their stores to their own slow but safe shopping scooters.

The other week I was in Morrisons and a not too old (40is) person was careering around recklessly in what I think must have been an electric Sherman. If I was the store manager and saw that, I'd have just turfed them out despite the risk of the PC brigade being sent in.

Too many disabled people think they have a right to do anything they like with impunity by thrusting their disablement card in your face!

  morddwyd 07:53 13 Jun 2013

"For those buying used EMVs privately, then they should be tested by either the Police or by their local Driving School(s)."

Not sure what you mean by privately?

Aren't they all bought that way?

  Nontek 09:07 13 Jun 2013


I meant - those who buy second-hand via ads in newspapers and shop windows and who have in many cases never driven any sort of vehicle, rather then those bought in Mobility shops.

Also many, like myself, have theirs provided by the Royal British Legion who do give some training, even more so since the problems in the Middle East - most of whom could already drive normally, prior to their need.

Probably still not explained very well, but I am sure most would understand.

  morddwyd 19:46 13 Jun 2013

Thank you

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