Mobile Speed Cameras

  Stevepilborough 19:23 01 Oct 2006

Hi ALl

New to this, does anyone know how mobile speed cameras work, basically was driving in an area did not know today and was going 35, there was a mobile camera on other side of road, did not see it flash, my mate tells me its a 30 speed limit, there was no signs nothing

When I drove home I checked it out more, the front of the van was now facing me and there was signs, does this mean this van is catching the other side of the road, ie) the offside one I am now driving down?

Not sure if this makes sense, just want to know if I need to worry, ie do they catch oncoming traffic or passing traffic, my mate also said the pics are taken from the side but reading all the forums it seems the pictures come from the rear?

Any advice would be great


  Jak_1 19:39 01 Oct 2006

Depends upon the camera, some take a pic front and rear and some just the rear. With static cameras 2 flashes means your caught, one is a warning and none you are not exceeding the speed set for the camera.

  Stevepilborough 20:38 01 Oct 2006

Thanks, it was one of the speed cameras in back of van, it did not flash at all???

  Jak_1 20:52 01 Oct 2006

Hm, no they don't flash at all but they are supposed to stop you and issue you with the relevent paperwork. Also you should recieve any notification within 14 working days too.

  Stevepilborough 21:11 01 Oct 2006

Thanks again, does it sound like defo been caught then, didnt see any police around, it was just a van sitting there, no signs or anything thats what made me think it was only catching passing cars rather then oncoming cars? lets hope i am ok

Ps do you know if you are caught if you have to declare to your car insurance even in the middle of the year

thanks for your help

  Jak_1 21:16 01 Oct 2006

yup I know that. The van could have been anything, in manchester you see them quite often but filming for a tv program and not a speed trap.

  Smiler 10:23 02 Oct 2006

"Ps do you know if you are caught if you have to declare to your car insurance even in the middle of the year"

Not as far as I know as usually your first one has no effect on your insurance premium.

  Cymro. 11:01 02 Oct 2006

All I did was tell my insurance the next time I renewed my policy. As it turned out they did not charge me any more as first such offence. I dare say they have a help line that will tell you. As for the cameras they seem to vary from one kind to the other and one part of the country to the other. They don`t bother to stop you around here just send the ticket through the post.

  anskyber 11:28 02 Oct 2006

Read all about it for your local area click here

  IClaudio 19:45 02 Oct 2006

>>my mate tells me its a 30 speed limit, there was no signs nothing<<

Check the lamp posts, if they're close together, assume 30mph and drive accordingly.

In a few days, you may receive a NIP (Notice of Intended Prosecution): DON'T let this intimidate you! It will give you the impression that you've been caught bang to rights and that the only thing left for you to do is to cough up and pay the fine and collect 3 points on your licence.

Yes, you may be guilty of speeding, but what they are asking you to do, by agreeing that you are the driver breaking the speed limit, is to admit to being guilty, when English law is founded on the assumption that you are 'innocent until proven guilty'.

Check here click here for a very informative site. Look at the Motorcycle News (MCN) stories for a template to use in reply to the NIP; DON'T fill in and return the form that is attached to the NIP. Browse the Forums for more info and many supportive posts.

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