Mobile phones confusing me - again!

  Chris the Ancient 18:39 28 Nov 2004

Let's hope I don't incur the wrath of FE by thinking in terms of mobile phones again! He was generous enough to allow me a little space when I was mooting a Nokia 6100, so I'll try again.

My wife has now realised that there is a redundant Nokia 3310 kicking around and wants to dabble a toe in the murky waters of mobile phoning - and to have support in the event of an emergency.

My old 3310 was a contract on O2, but I would now have no qualms about unlocking it. So, I thought, let's look for a nice easy pay as you go sim card. Google offers me 740,000+ links. And I soon lost heart. }o(

So, if I may, can I fall upon the experience of some of the forumites to ask which is a good deal for a p.a.y.g. sim card which has a reasonable price, tariff and doesn't require you to use a minimum amount of units before it expires at the end of the month.



  Johnnie_M 19:16 28 Nov 2004

Well, as I say the cheapest ain't always the best. If you want great network coverage and are prepared to pay a higher tariff charge Vodafone is a must. O2 is exceptional for free text messaging if you get yourself a "genie sim card" which you'll be able to get online. T-Mobile not the greatest to be honest relatively expensive and Orange is great as it has three different plans on prepay. Virgin offers a good service as well (uses the same network as T-Mobile) but good prices. I would say the best thing to do is go directly to the websites of corresponding networks.

  Forum Editor 19:25 28 Nov 2004

but I do think you would be well advised to follow Johnnie_M's suggestion of looking at the relevant service providers' websites.

  Chris the Ancient 19:47 28 Nov 2004

I did look at the sites - and just got lost in a plethora of prices, offers and uncertainties! Hence the plea for help. I've always found a recommend worth a thousand guesses.

I shall look closer at Johnnie_M's suggestion.


  Mysticnas 21:25 28 Nov 2004

Go for O2, i've got a contract phone for free calls and use an O2 PAYG for txts.

£10 for the sim card and then any credit you want on top of that.

The way it works is that to get the 300 free sms and wap minutes allowance you need to top up by a minimum of £10 a month, otherwise you can carry on using as you wish but just don't get the free sms or wap.

It's saved me a bundle! at least £36 a month!

then there's a wap too, which i must admit i don't use often unless i'm dead bored on train or coach (but a book usually does the trick for that).

It will cost you around £15 to get your mobile unlocked; which you can get done at a number places, either from MobileFun click here or you can pop down to your local market and find a "phone guy" stand that'll do it for you.

  georgemac 21:45 28 Nov 2004

if the 3310 was an o2 conract phone, it should already be unlocked - if you want to check borrow a friends orange or vodaphone sim card and try it in the 3310

the best place to start is to decide who she would be calling most on the mobile - and try and pick a PAYG sim card from the same network as the cross network call charges mobile to mobile are very high

my mother (65 years young) changed to o2 on the deal above to get the free texts - I thought she'll never use them but she has turned into a text maniac once she learned how to send one - that deal is also saving her a fortune!

  Chris the Ancient 21:47 28 Nov 2004

Just as you must have been typing that, I was placing the order!

I've gone for O2 - coz the phone is already set for that - and found a payg card for £6.95 (unfortunately plus p & p!) with £5.00 free calls. That should last the missus a few months at least!

Thanks to all


  Chris the Ancient 21:52 28 Nov 2004

And your reply came in as I was typing my last response!

As you can see, stayed O2. Apart from to me in an emergency, and I'm on O2 already, I don't see her making too many calls. (Now I have to show her how to use a mobile phone! There is a mission to conjure with.) And I cannot see her ever getting the hang of texting! It's bad enough when she's trying to use a pc ;o))


  Djohn 21:58 28 Nov 2004

I was on contract but found I was just not using my phone often enough to justify the monthly fee. I use it only for emergencies or a quick call home or to my wifes mobile.

We both ended our contracts and bought "Tesco" sim cards. Unlocking any nokia is easy and legal, took me less than 10 minutes to do both phones via the internet [Free].

Calls are charged at 20p per minute, any time any network or to landlines but you can have 3 numbers, [1 mobile - 2 landlines] as your favs and they are 10p per minute. We've had ours for three months now, started off with £10 top up and still have over £7.50 credit on each phone. ;o)

click here and click on mobiles then sim packs. delivered next day.

  It's Me 22:16 28 Nov 2004

"I don't see her making too many calls." Don't bet on it! And "And I cannot see her ever getting the hang of texting! It's bad enough when she's trying to use a pc." I thought the same. Wrong!!

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