Mobile Phones

  Curio 14:54 26 Aug 2008

Could it be these devicesare frying your brain?
click here

  mymate 15:04 26 Aug 2008

Yipes is that for real ?

  interzone55 15:45 26 Aug 2008

Not frying, microwaving...

Cellular phones work on similar frequencies to Microwave ovens, so do DECT cordless phones and WiFi routers...

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:03 26 Aug 2008

"Cellular phones work on similar frequencies to Microwave ovens, so do DECT cordless phones and WiFi routers..."

Two points to make here:

First, most people don't hold four mobile phones against their head.

Second, the signal output of a DECT phone or a WiFi router is very much lower than a mobile phone and most people don't sit a WiFi router on top of their head while using it.

  interzone55 16:58 26 Aug 2008

And most people's skulls are a little thicker than a pop-corn kernel.

I made no mention that phones etc were unsafe, just that they all worked on the same frequencies...

  Si_L 18:37 26 Aug 2008

Are people actually taking this video seriously? Its obviously fake. Mobiles cannot do this to popcorn.

  Si_L 18:40 26 Aug 2008

Proof to back my statement up:

click here

Despite the scientific impossibility of the stunt – mobile phones do not produce anywhere near enough heat to cook popcorn....

  Forum Editor 18:44 26 Aug 2008

Not another mobile phone horror story.

You'll be telling me alien spacecraft have visited earth next.

  Curio 20:35 26 Aug 2008

All popcorn to be taken with a pinch of salt!

  ulrich 20:45 26 Aug 2008

I don't own one so I needn't be worried.

  bobbybluenose 21:03 26 Aug 2008

i could not do without my mobile as far as frying my brain,there ant a lot of it left at my age and when its gone its gone

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