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  lee_robinson1983 10:50 29 May 2007

Hello all,

I was just wandering if anyone has had a successful time when trying to claim from your insurance regarding a lost, damaged or stolen mobile phone?

A friend recently lost her phone in a taxi (she feels foolish) but the insurance company said that as the phone was 'unattended in a public place' at the time of being lost she could not claim, if you are attending to it surely it is not lost??

I myself got stung by the mobile insurance companies when my phone was stolen, a few years back. In my unwitting trust at my former workplace, I left my phone in a zip pocket in my bag in the staff cloakroom and it was stolen. I had a crime reference number from the police but my claim was rejected as it was again 'unattended in a public place', I wrote a letter of appeal stating that force was necessary to acquire the phone and it was not on show but all I got was a sacrcastic letter back quoting and ridiculing what I said.

Would people be kind enough to share their experiences with me? After my friends recent debacle I'm considering cancelling my insurance on my new phone as it just seems pointless.


  HondaMan 10:53 29 May 2007

household contents policy. A mobile should be / can be covered under this, so yes, some separate mobile insurances would appear to be a rip-off.

  lisa02 10:55 29 May 2007

I once claimed "loss" for leaving mine on a bus, successfully.

If the phone was on her person and she lost it on a journey then they should pay. Regardless of the vehicle used.

Your own experience of leaving it in an unsecured bag in the cloakroom is correct. The insurance should not pay out.

  lee_robinson1983 11:06 29 May 2007


Even with a crime reference number? I would've thought a phone being stolen had more chance of a claim then someone leaving it on a bus? I'm not going to chase it up by the way seeing as it happened 6 years ago

  Kate B 11:26 29 May 2007

My household insurance once covered a PDA I'd left in a cab with no quibbles.

  donki 12:42 29 May 2007

I find any extra insurance taken out on any gadgit/appliance a waste of money. Household insurance is there for a reason but very few ever feel they have a need or a right to use it.

  spuds 18:47 29 May 2007

Some insurance companies automatically reject some claims on flimsy evidence. If you think that you have a good reason to receive recompense, then make your points clear to the insurance company, and resubmit the claim. You can take further action by contacting FSA for advice, as they are in the process now of considering some companies for further investigation due to increase in complaints regarding rejection letters.

  paddyjack 00:48 30 May 2007

In my opinion mobile phone insurance is a complete waste of time and money. In my case I am in charge of my sons phone (a story in itself) he lost his phone in Leicester reported it locally Birkenhead when he discovered the loss. The Insurance Company was not happy with that although it was within the 48 hour limit it had to be reported at the point of loss. Claim denied.
Accidental damage to screen again some obscure get out clause.
It’s amazing that they claim it’s in the terms and conditions but if you take out the insurance online you never see the terms and conditions.

  wee eddie 08:21 30 May 2007

Unfortunately for all of us oldies, in the world of Mobile Phones that's anyone over 22, this is the most common way of getting an upgrade for a PAYG Phone.

The Insurance Companies have been hammered very hard by the "youf" of the Nation and have tightened up the small print of their policies.

  pavvi 08:43 30 May 2007

To put things into perspective, you have to look at the value of mobile phones. Say you got a Nokia N95 free on a contract. Now that phone is worth £500. You may have paid nothing for that phone, but that doesn't mean that it has no value. No go back into the same situation and if you lost £500 in a bar because you left it on the table and walked away from it, do you think that your insurance company will pay up?

That is the way that insurance companies look at things if you put soemthing down while on a bus or taxi. For an insurance company force is only stated to have taken pace if the phone was locked away with lock and key.

  pavvi 08:49 30 May 2007

Not all phones are as expensive as the Nokia N95, there is actually a Nokia 8800 scirocco gold which is, wait for it, £949.99. Insurance companies are not allowed to give a different decision based on the value of a phone.

So if your phone was a Nokia 6230i which retails around £80 on pay as you go, they cannot agree to replace it if it would not have been agreed with a phone that is 10 times the price. They have to be consistent.

As for the value or otherwise of seperate insurance, you have to consider whether you want to risk your house insurance premiums increasing, and also weigh up the difference on the excess.

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