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  donki 14:30 08 Jul 2009

Dunno how many of you know this but early next week all UK mobile phones (im presuming only contract ones) will be held in a directory, from what I can make out all you need is a name the town/city the person lives in . I dont like this idea mainly due to I have enough salesmen callign my homephone. Also if I want someone to have my mobile number I will give it to them. So just a heads up to you all, if you want to make yourself ex-directory simply hit the link below and follow the steps.

click here

If you are happy enough don't bother. In my opinion its a risky business and would worry alot about younger people with phones, it would seem to make it very easy for preditors to get in contact with their victim.

  smartpoly 14:43 08 Jul 2009

I thought I had seen this thread before,

click here

I have a company (contract) phone and a personal (pay as yo go)phone I wonder which one will get called first through this service?

  donki 14:59 08 Jul 2009

Oppps I did look honestly, I will prepare myself for abuse.

Thanks :)

  wiz-king 04:51 09 Jul 2009

better leave your phone off then :-)

  Kevscar1 08:44 09 Jul 2009

Don't think it,s very accurate checked myself and according to them there,s 2 of me. and no my surname is very unusual.

  interzone55 08:58 09 Jul 2009

The directory has been compiled from various mailing lists, collected from things like online forms and postal competition entries etc

If your details have been mis-read from the original source then you'll end up with two entries on the list.

It's just like when you get postal spam with mis-spelt details...

  birdface 11:23 09 Jul 2009

Just wondering.If you get a lot of spam e-mails on your computer.Will this not open the door to a flood of spam text messages eventually.
If they can find your mobile number it is just a matter of time before others find it as well.
Not only a flood of text messages but also a flood of Virus's.
Surely those numbers are private and should be kept that way.

  donki 11:44 09 Jul 2009

I agree with you 100% I see my mobile phone as a very private object and if I wanted someone to contact me I would give my number to them.

  interzone55 11:58 09 Jul 2009

It's a possibility, but two things mitigate against this happening.

Firstly, the mobile directory does not give your number out - they either put you through or text the enquirers number to the requested number.

Secondly, it costs money to send a text message, even with the most favourable bulk message contracts it costs a couple of pence a message. This is an order a magnitude more expensive than an email spam campaign...

  Forum Editor 17:17 09 Jul 2009

to be ex-directory you can arrange it online:-

click here and click on the 'Ex Directory' link.

You'll be asked to enter your phone number, and you'll then be sent a five digit code via a text message. Keep the web page open, and when the text arrives (it will usually happen immediately), enter the code into the page and submit it.

Your number will be marked as de-listed on the 118800 database, and anyone searching for you will be told that you're ex-directory.

  interzone55 21:37 09 Jul 2009

I wasn't considering spammers using the directory service, I think they'd just spam random numbers if they wanted to...

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