mobile phone contract

  rickf 17:40 14 Apr 2012

Recently took up a contract with a provider. It's a bad deal. Is there anyway I can get out of it.

  john bunyan 17:59 14 Apr 2012

How recently? Did you read fine print in terms and conditions? What was the cooling off period, if any? If beyond the cooling off time, it is a question of "Buyer beware" - you signed - you got what it says on the tin

  rickf 18:15 14 Apr 2012

done some research and just discovered they have not given me a terms and conditons statement so don't know what the cooling off period is. Will see what I can do.

  john bunyan 18:47 14 Apr 2012

Good luck! May be worth getting advice from your local Trading Standards- but be quick, as one day beyond any cooling off may be too late .These phone people are as slippery as eels.

  Chegs ®™ 03:56 17 Apr 2012

Often,getting out of expensive contracts requires you to pay a sum to the provider for breach of T&C.I've previously managed to escape from an ISP & a phone provider's contracts by insisting they hadn't provided me with acceptable service,the ISP because my connection failed repeatedly & was often running at bits per second instead of megabits per second,the phone provider because I could only use it in a very small area of the town,elsewhere & I got no service(though thats unlikely now as my present provider I can get broadband coverage through my phone practically anywhere)

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