mobile phone company new ploy

  Seth Haniel 15:17 29 Aug 2007

when they offer an update phone they then say wait 2 weeks before you phone your service provider (orange in this case) to cancel your old contract -
luckily my orange bill came in after five days and though I've stuck with the deal struck - it put me aware to the fact that the update company are stringing you along so that you are out of the fourteen day cool off period - something to watch out for :(

  techie4me 16:56 29 Aug 2007

Bit like these money back deals, you wait 12 months and find the company offering the deal has gone bust!

  pavvi 14:34 30 Aug 2007

Here's a piece of advice. I dealt with lots of these when working for CPW, and Orange never take responsibility. Third Party dealers often phone up orange customers and try to offer upgrades but pretend they are orange themselves. Be most aware of people saying that they are calling from orange and are offering you a discount on your line rental.

If you accept the "discount" you are actually doing an airtime only upgrade, in other words extending your minimum term contract by a further EIGHTEEN months and not getting a phone as part of the deal. The discount is usually a miserly 10% off your line rental. They usually open with "I'm calling on behalf of Orange. How would you like 10% off your line rental?" A an awful LOT of people say yes. Orange wil not cancel the upgrade and will not allow a cancellation. You are protected by distance selling 7 day cool off rule but most people called don't realise that it's an upgrade in time. I've had many arguments on behalf of customers on this one and orange will not budge. If you are a victim of this my advice would be to push orange to prove with physical proof that you agreed to the upgrade. Most of these call centres do NOT record calls, so they would not be able to prove in a court that you had been properly advised....

Hope this helps....I'm in Brisbane at the moment, where it's 11.33pm and i'm up at 6!!!!

  pavvi 14:36 30 Aug 2007

from rereading your post, they haven't upgraded you they've got you to take out an additional line. Not an uncommon trick. In this circumstances orange will often allow you to cancel within 28 days if ou get them to speak to the 3rd party

  Seth Haniel 15:04 30 Aug 2007

yep fell for the deal hook line & sinker - the only downside at the moment is I lost my old number and have a new one - the deal actually is a bit better than Oranges in that after 6 months I get £50 cash back (will have to wait 6 months to see if this is honoured though)

my old deal was 150 minutes a month and as you (these salesman have all the details of your account and how much you have paid so sound like genuine Orange ) and as the over use of the 150 minutes averaged me out at almost £30 a month this new deal gives me for £30 400 minutes + 100 text + a Magic Number + a new phone and two months free evening & weekend internet Surfing via phone - plus Free Broadband -though I can't take them up on that at the moment - though even though they used shady dealing I feel I have come out a little better
Graham (Seth)

  Seth Haniel 15:07 30 Aug 2007

Orange have been helpful and have cancelled my original bill and refunding what would have been lost - without having to give thirty days notice

but it pays to be aware - and in 18 months when this firm try it on again I will be ready to give them a bit of advice ;0

  pavvi 00:41 31 Aug 2007

a bit more on upgrades if you get an unsolicited phone call tell them that you'd rather call them yourself that way you'll be sure that you are speaking to them directly. It's not just orange customers that get calls like this. Just tell them you'd prefer to deal by calling them back and always get them to confirm the deal in writing. All the best

  Seth Haniel 08:15 31 Aug 2007

well i'm making the most of the phones two month free internet evenings & weekends -
though being Orange - their own e-mail won't hack it - but Yahoo & BtYahoo work fine

only thing with this is I hasv to recharge the phone every night ;)

  exdragon 08:44 31 Aug 2007

I had a call the other day from a chap who said he was from BT and was offering me £3 off my broadband rental. I thought I remembered reading something about this somewhere but couldn't recall if it was advertising the offer or saying it could be a scam.

The chap said I couldn't ring him back as he was in a call centre, that there was nothing on the BT website, the conversation was being recorded and if anything went wrong, I could sue BT anyway.

I declined and rang BT, who said they were offering discounts when contracts were nearing renewal; he offered me £4 a month off, the same 12 month contract (I'm staying with BT anyway), BT Vision (which I don't want) and an upgraded router with a phone socket for making free evening and weekend calls plus reduced International calls (cheaper than the 3rd party carrier I'm currently using). I'm already on the maximum rate possible, or that would have been increased too.

He also advised me to make a note to call them in 12 months time to ask what they would offer to keep me for another year.

Seemed pretty reasonable - I know I could probably get BB for less than £13.99, but I'm happy with BT!

  Seth Haniel 10:14 31 Aug 2007

As my other post
click here

I wonder if BT will be more obliging in seven months time when theie years contract is out rather than the most unhelpful unfriendly response of the other day

  pavvi 14:43 31 Aug 2007

I'm guessing you have a Nokia N95 - brilliant cameraphone but battery life is a bit pants....

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