Bingalau 10:34 04 May 2012

Usually when I am booking in to an hotel or filling in a form of some kind, I am invariably asked for my vehicle registration number. I then have to go back outside to check it. That's always a bit of a nuisance.

As I have just bought a new car and of course it has a new registration number, which I am going to have to remember. So I decided to use the following ...

The number is PK12 PGE So at first I was thinking "Chewing Gum" etc. But then I hit on the following "Pearly Kings Do (for dozen) Prefer Going East" ...

I did come up with some others of course, but got to wondering what some of our forumites might come up with? Any offers?

  hssutton 11:21 04 May 2012

I remember the letters of the number plate of my last two cars, but could never remember the numbers. My present car is OMG (Oh My God) My previous was EUF (Esther Ultimate Fool) Must admit my wife was none too pleased as to how I remembered that one :)

  rickf 12:00 04 May 2012

Used to use the method when I was in secondary school to great effect. Don't think present generation of kids even know the word though.

  Bingalau 12:06 04 May 2012

I remember I used one years ago for my car which then had the letters DTJ. "Don't Tell Jimmy" Jimmy being my nosey next door neighbour. I used to say to my wife "don't tell Jimmy or the whole world will know".

The downside was, I could never remember the rest of the registration number.

  Bingalau 12:07 04 May 2012

hssutton. Is Esther still speaking to you?

  Graham* 12:33 04 May 2012

Mine's LWZ - Long Weekend in Zurich.

  john bunyan 12:54 04 May 2012

Mine is HD(High Definition) 07 (they missed a 0 to make 007) UKx (United Kingdom and x is my real initial letter of my Christian name) Those of us with a military background would refer to Bingalau's as Papa Kilo One Two,Papa Golf Echo - but his suggestion is more memorable!

  hssutton 13:27 04 May 2012


hssutton. Is Esther still speaking to you?

Oh yes, continually saying, Do this, do that.

  Bingalau 13:33 04 May 2012

jb. Yes, I agree that the NATO alphabet gets a bit dreary, But excellent to use on the blower of course. However I was hoping someone would come up with a good alternative to the one I have quoted in this thread.

  Quickbeam 13:44 04 May 2012

I had a Cortina with DHD in the number in the '80s that work mates decided meant 'Dolls Head Driver'.

I also had Honda with LWB that my neighbour decided was 'London Water Board' and a Norton with OHE that the same neighbour (a devout church goer) named 'OH! Heaven & Eternity' on account of the sound of approaching Armageddon when it was kicked into life!

  spuds 14:38 04 May 2012

Not so much about remembering a code for a registration number (bit like my credit and bank cards). I tend to have the vehicles mot and insurance certificate in my wallet. Saves going back to the vehicle, when requested.

The other month, my neighbour and I were using and his new vehicle number came up as a question mark. Apparently, when he insured the vehicle the insurance company made a mistake with the documents and registration, so the vehicle was showing on the insurance database as uninsured, and possibly subject to a police check. Might pay to check your vehicle out?.

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