Mixed Feelings

  morddwyd 12:11 12 May 2012

Earlier today I heard a hefty thud.

Having had a quick look outside (it sounded like a bird flying into the conservatory glass) I thought no more until I went upstairs and found my laptop had slipped off the bedside table onto the floor, I must have left it too near the edge.

Quandary is this - Should I feel relieved because there seem to be no ill effects, or aggrieved because I don't have an excuse to go out and get a new one?

  birdface 12:38 12 May 2012

Maybe go out and buy yourself a new I-pad just in case it happens again.You can't be to careful.

You were lucky there no cracked screen no problems no new Laptop.It's a hard life.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:27 12 May 2012

If you really want a new laptop:

try dropping down the stairs (don't tell you live in a bungalow) ;0)

  john bunyan 14:22 12 May 2012

Just be pleased your glass is half full!

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:39 12 May 2012


Do you have a higher shelf or table it could, mysteriously, fall off of in the next week or two?

  Condom 14:58 12 May 2012


Like you I also heard a similar thump in the past couple of days. Unfortunately I did find a dead chaffinch lying on the patio and I can assure you I would have prefeered it to be my laptop than this beautiful bird.

  morddwyd 15:12 12 May 2012

"I would have prefeered it to be my laptop than this beautiful bird."

Couldn't agree more.

Remember getting out of the car once and finding a Goldcrest jammed in the radiator grill.

I don't think I've seen more than three of these in y life, and one of them was one that I killed!

  spuds 17:05 12 May 2012

"because I don't have an excuse to go out and get a new one"

Man or Mouse?.

But having said that, I was reading a short time ago, some of the excuses Direct Line had received, when looking at some of the claims that they have had to deal with. The article didn't mention if any of the claims were ever met though.

  Blackhat 19:20 12 May 2012

Regarding birds flying into glass and most often conservatories you can get a hawk or falcon silhouette to put on the glass and this will deter birds from comming near. All UK garden birds regognise the outlines and steer well clear.

  Condom 20:34 12 May 2012


I have heard this mentioned before but I have so many different species nesting in my garden that I would be loathe to see them go. Maybe that is being selfish. This is however the first time that this has happened as I do have a lot of greenery growing round the conservatory to try and stop it. I was however glad to see the back of my pair of Mallard ducks as the female was pulling all the young water lilies out of their baskets.

  morddwyd 21:01 12 May 2012

"Man or Mouse?."

Not sure I see the connection?

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