Mister Tom

  Bingalau 20:26 19 Dec 2006

I've just noticed that "Mr. Tom" is on the box sometime over the Christmas period. I didn't notice the day or date. But if any of you haven't seen it is is a must. John Thaw at his best. I know it has been shown many times and is becoming a "Classic". Mind you I probably like it because I was an evacuee and the story rings bells with me. ..Bingalau..

  Kate B 20:49 19 Dec 2006

Oh, it's ghastly. Sentimental twaddle, God knows what John Thaw was thinking of, He's as good as he can be in it, but it's dire. But hey, each to their own, and I'm sure if you've got history like Bingalau's it's got an appeal.

  Bingalau 20:55 19 Dec 2006

Kate B. Sentimental it might be, but twaddle...never. There is lots of history and truth in it. Not a bit like the twaddle that appears in newspapers every day! ..Bingalu..

  Kate B 20:58 19 Dec 2006

I'll accept your view on the veracity of it, Bingalau - you were there, I wasn't! ;)

  Watchful 21:15 19 Dec 2006

I enjoyed it very much. A bit of sentimentality goes down well at Christmas.

  Forum Editor 21:17 19 Dec 2006

and is certainly sentimental. Whether or not you think it's twaddle depends on your experience I suppose.

My late friend Tom Bell was a wartime evacuee, and told me he was badly treated by the people with whom he stayed. The experience stayed with him all his life.

John Thaw did his best with this role, but I thought it was over-sentimental stuff at best. It's probably a good film for the time of year, and I may give it a second chance.

  Bingalau 21:55 19 Dec 2006

Oh well! "One man's meat is another man's poison" so they say. I had four years of evacuation and once I got over the homesickness bit I loved it. Most of the other evacuees went back home after a few weeks or months. But I think my dad was glad to be rid of me and my brother. So we stayed until we got used to it, which was the end of the war. I beleive some evacuees are still where they went to. Settled in as natives now, no doubt with big families too. ..Bingalau..

  Border View 23:37 19 Dec 2006

IMHO Goodnight Mr. Tom was one of John Thaws best. I have watched it time and time again. I dont think it is sentimental in the least. Its a pleasure to watch instead of some of the mindless trash which one comes across but doesnt bother to watch right through. I would like to buy the DVD of Goodnight Mr. Tom then I could see it through without the adverts.

  The Old Mod 07:05 20 Dec 2006

I thought that Goodnight Mr Tom was and is a great film, I've read the book and now own it on dvd. I also thought that it was John Thaws best work.

  Quiller. 07:11 20 Dec 2006

I have to admit that Mr Tom is a great piece of work from the late John Thaw. The whole family all sat down to watch it the last time it was on tv. We have found it for sale at the supermarket for £5, needless to say it went straight into the shopping trolley.

  Bingalau 11:02 20 Dec 2006

I'm delighted that we seem to have people who are not afraid of being sentimental. I have watched it every time it has been on. You can't beat a good cry. I fill up when I watch "Lassie" too. However I can't understand people who watch films such as "Star Wars" now they are twaddle... ..Bingalu..

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