Missing key -or dont ignore little thoughts

  SparkyJack 20:16 22 Mar 2011

The car went in for its annual service/MOT on the 7th- to this end used the spare key- She passed with flying colours MOT wise but with advice on pending replacements in due time - timing belt for example- So home we came - a day or so later I realized the spare key was not on its hook.

But I did drive home with it, so it must be here - but where?

It could only be on the chest in the hall or near my side table in the lounge - but there it certainly was not- I moved everything- and cleaned behind I might add- took drawers out- not a single sight did I see.
Over the days I little thought came to mind - but I brushed it aside - don't be daft how can it be?
But the thought persisted so one week exactly to the day and with the thought of another £150 for a replacement I followed my thought and turned out the recycle bin of newspapers.junkmail, tins and packaging- and there snugly in the bottom was the key.
How come?
Must have gathered it up with yet another ream of junk mail pizza / curry leaflets dumped on the chest of drawers.

So the lesson is-
If a little thought creeps up on you - do not suppress it but let it have free reign
like other bodily functions that one suppresses for decorum and politeness - it will get you in the end if you persist in the practice.

  finerty 20:30 22 Mar 2011

not another lecture on the realms of life

  BT 09:11 23 Mar 2011

I don't hang car keys on hooks or put them on the hall table where thieves expect to find them. I keep the 'in use' set in my coat pocket and the spare one on the ring with my house keys, so that I always have the spare one with me when I'm out. It came in handy on the day I mislaid my keys, so had s spare one to get home with.

  bjh 10:03 23 Mar 2011

Some years ago, I ran out of matches, and was sure I'd bought some to replace them. They were even on the receipt. Not being a smoker, they were really only used to light the fire, and the occasional summer bonfire, so I wasn't in a hurry to replace them again. It was bugging... I looked everywhere, couldn't find them and, eventually, gave in and bought some more. Clasping them firmly in my paw, I thought... "Where can I put these where they won't get lost?" and saw a suitable jar on the dresser. Shoved them in, but they wouldn't fit... no space, what with the new boxes of matches in the bottom!

  lotvic 11:35 23 Mar 2011

Last week I turned the place upside-down looking for my lotto ticket to check, finally decided I'd lost it out of my pocket on way home, and gave up.
Found it last night under my glasses case next to computer.. (no I didn't win anything)

  Covergirl 12:49 23 Mar 2011

Woke out of a restive sleep at 1.30am and realised I knew where that other Facebook site was. Went downstairs, got the lappy out of sleep mode and there it was.

  Pineman100 13:15 23 Mar 2011

"...If a little thought creeps up on you - do not suppress it"

Well, thanks for nothing. My neighbour's attractive wife was wearing a pair of very tight jeans this morning, so I followed your advice.

I now have a black eye.

  SparkyJack 19:42 23 Mar 2011

I know that tight jeans can be constrictive- so as to perhaps cause discomfort for the sake of fashion
But do they give you a black eye?

I Know- a button popped of with such force it smacked you one.
Lesson - looking is OK - so long as you are not too close ;-}

  Condom 01:15 24 Mar 2011

I went upstairs to watch the football on TV in one of our spare rooms as her indoors was engrossed on another channel. Both the remotes for the TV and the digital box were nowhere to be found. I too searched everywhere but no sign of them. I finally concluded that our cleaner had moved them despite her never having done it before. No she hadn't touched them either. I was completely baffled. Weeks later I suddenly had a thought. I had replaced all our Dect phones with new models and had thrown the old ones on the bed in that spare room pending their removal to a box in the loft. So loft ladder down and up I climbed and low and behold in the box beside the phones were two remotes looking just like phones. I don't know what made me think of looking there but I'm glad I did as it could have been years before I looked in that box again. And don't ask why I'm keeping old phones because I have no idea myself.

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