Missing girl Shannon found alive and well

  TopCat® 15:18 14 Mar 2008

Local man arrested apparently after a huge search of premises in the area. TC. click here

  ventanas 15:36 14 Mar 2008

Well, well, well. Wonderful news, and something I really did not expect. I don't really think there is anything more to say. The relief the parents and relatives are feeling is impossible to imagine.

  rawprawn 15:41 14 Mar 2008

I am so pleased that this has ended finding the little girl alive, she will be traumatised but at least she and her family can start rebuilding their lives again. This kind of incident often finishes with the child dead, this is great news and it looks as though they have got the guy who did it.

  rawprawn 15:44 14 Mar 2008

well done to the boys in blue.

  mrwoowoo 16:24 14 Mar 2008

Well done indeed.
Three thousand premises searched in the surrounding area is certainly going it some.
Nice to have a happy outcome for once.

  Dizzy Bob 16:40 14 Mar 2008

Best news for a while.


  anchor 16:48 14 Mar 2008

Latest updated news from the Daily Telegraph

click here

  Bingalau 17:45 14 Mar 2008

Good news is very welcome for a change.

  DANZIG 17:51 14 Mar 2008

I have to agree it is nice to hear some good news once in a while.

Best wishes to Shannon and her family.

  birdface 18:02 14 Mar 2008

Best news for years.It does not matter if it's the TV or newspaper all you get is Doom and Gloom every day.Its so nice just to get a bit of good news now and then.And well done to all the folk searching for her.And to the alert neighbor who alerted the Police.

  bluto1 19:14 14 Mar 2008

This'll give a lift to a lot of folks.

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