Misleading PCA review

  Al94 17:30 23 Mar 2012

I was surprised to read this article http://www.techadvisor.co.uk/news/apple/3346665/ebay-is-cheapest-place-buy-new-ipad/?cmpid=HTML-DN230312&olo=daily%20news which suggests that eBay themselves are selling iPads.

As far as I am aware, eBuyer Outlet who are selling the items on eBay are not connected with eBay at all.

  Quickbeam 10:28 24 Mar 2012

Who needs a Press Complaints Commission with such swift correcting action as this?

  simonjary 08:01 25 Mar 2012

Done. Would have done it earlier but the clocks went forward!

  onthelimit1 18:06 23 Mar 2012

Same as Amazon who are an outlet for loads of other suppliers, no?

  Forum Editor 18:43 23 Mar 2012

"....eBay's press team has just got in contact with PC Advisor to let us know that the much sought after tablet is selling £20 cheaper on eBay site than all of its competitors."

What's misleading about that?

Ebuyer is one of the largest sellers of electronic goods in the UK - they are simply selling the iPad at this price via their Ebay shop. There's nothing sinister about this.

  lotvic 18:47 23 Mar 2012

eBay is a market place, AFAIK all items are sold by individual sellers and shops.

If you think about it, if you went down to your local market and bought something from one of the stalls then later someone asked you where you got it, you would prob say 'from the market' as opposed to the name of the individual stall holder.

  Al94 18:54 23 Mar 2012

What's misleading about that?

Read the article carefully -

"eBay has announced that it is selling" - eBuyer is selling, not eBay.

"perhaps the most surprising thing is that eBay isn't charging a thing for postage and packaging" - again, it is not eBay who are selling the item.

"It's not sure the exact quantity of new iPads eBay has avialable at this price" - eBay has none for sale - it is eBuyer.

I am suggesting this is a poorly written misleading review.

  Blackhat 19:04 23 Mar 2012

It should read 'selling on eBay' rather than eBay selling.

I sell on eBay and my goods are not being sold by eBay they are selling on eBay by me.

  Forum Editor 19:20 23 Mar 2012

"I am suggesting this is a poorly written misleading review"

It's not a review, it's a news item.

We were contacted by the Ebay Press team. I'm not arguing with your literal interpretation of the wording, but anyone who knows Ebay knows that it has sellers like Amazon has sellers. I don't think we're misleading anyone. If you feel mislead, however, I apologise.

  Al94 19:47 23 Mar 2012

No need to apolgise to me, I have been using eBay for many years and know how it works.

There is a difference between eBay and Amazon, Amazon actually sells items as well as acting as a market place, eBay doesn't.

The news item could be more accurately worded.

  Forum Editor 23:14 23 Mar 2012

"The news item could be more accurately worded."

Yes, it could. We've looked into this, and I agree that your use of the word 'misleading' is justified. We'll amend the wording accordingly, but that won't happen for another 36 hours or so.

In the meantime I repeat my earlier apology - thanks for drawing this to our attention.

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