Miracle blade knife set

  martd77 10:24 01 Jun 2008

Looking to buy a new knife set has anyone any experience of these "miracle blades" are they as good as the advert shows
As seen on tv on the jml shopping channel

  Quickbeam 10:37 01 Jun 2008

I've always favoured Sabatier knives click here Not cheap, but if you buy the best, you'll never need to replace them in your lifetime.

  martd77 10:39 01 Jun 2008

Have you had a set of miracle blades then?
What didnt you like?
Yes sabatier look good

  WhiteTruckMan 10:45 01 Jun 2008

the shopping channel, because its full of things I never realised I needed.


  the hick 10:56 01 Jun 2008

I have used Kitchen Devil Professional for many years, they sharpen easily, and I believe somewhat less expensive than Sabatier. But, dont see them very often, although we don't need any more, bought five seperately, rather than big set. Has the Sabatier name now been 'sold' to different makers?

  Quickbeam 11:10 01 Jun 2008

To tell a quality knife:
The blade and handle will be forged and of different thicknesses throughout the blade, spine and handle tang.
The spine of the blade will be several times thicker than the sharp edge and will not flex or bend in use.
There will be a substantial forged ricasso to separate the blade and handle to protect yourself.
It will be well balanced at the blade/handle fulcrum.
It can be sharpened from dead blunt on an oilstone, and is best quick sharpened with a steel before every use.

To tell a crap knife:
It will be made from a single thickness of sheet steel with a plastic handle with the ricasso molded into it.
It will flex and take a permanent bend that will see you eventually digitally challenged:)
It will be sharp, but when blunted... just buy a new one!

You don't need to buy a full set as they are very expensive and only a keen cook or professional chef will ever use the whole lot. Just buy one at a time from a catering supplier and add to, as and when. I only use 4. Unless you're a Ken Hom or Jackie Chan fan... you'll never use the cleaver:)

(ricasso) click here

  dukeboxhero 11:40 01 Jun 2008

martd77 Go to a butchers supplies or catering supplier as Quickbeam says and buy your knifes there , After being in the butchering trade for many years i favoured Victorinox
click here

  Quickbeam 12:04 01 Jun 2008

I never travel without my Victorinox Swiss Champ click here& You never know when you might need the tool for removing boy scouts teeth from horses hooves or need to build an emergency bivouac in a departure lounge...

  Jim Thing 12:20 01 Jun 2008

"To tell a quality knife..." etc.

Brilliant! I learn something new every day — often from this amazing forum.

Thank you.

  crosstrainer 12:30 01 Jun 2008

Who remembers "Ronco"? These so called "Miracle" products remind me of them.....They never work. Moral is you get what you pay for IMO.

  Pine Man 12:35 01 Jun 2008

We have a set of Sabatier knives and very good they are as long as you keep them sharp BUT we were bought a 'Miracle' knife as a present about 20 years ago and have used it as a bread and, occasionally, a carving knife ever since. It has never been sharpened and it is absolutely brilliant!

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