Ministers must sell wine cellar, says Labour MP

  peter99co 21:59 28 Jan 2011

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Drop in the ocean but at least one Labour MP is taking it seriously.

  Forum Editor 22:54 28 Jan 2011

Let's all head down the road to becoming a drab, humourless, introspective and mean-spirited nation together.

We could tackle those crown jewels next - flog them off to some despot in a far-flung corner of the world.

Then there are the paintings in the National gallery, they'll bring in a bob or two. We could auction them on Ebay. Why should the people who work there enjoy looking at priceless works of art all day?

We appear to be turning into a nation of sour-faced has-beens, whining away about how awful everything is, eager to leap on the slightest sign that 'he has something I don't have, and it's not fair'.

  peter99co 23:03 28 Jan 2011

I think he is just trying to look good. I am sure this was brought up before by someone and dismissed. (probably the expenses scandal)

  Kevscar1 02:58 29 Jan 2011

He's probably upset that now they are no longer in power they don't get first choice of the most expensive ones anymore.

  Uboat 06:41 29 Jan 2011

FE i must disagree with you, i do see the point in them having to sell wine's which are clearly a luxury more so at a £1000 a bottle is there any need? The life of luxury for MP's has now changed and in my opinion for the better for the public we get much more transparency & honesty & isnt that what it should of been in the first place?

I also disagree with your statement about selling the crown jewels & paintings in the National gallery? you are talking about a cuture's history and then comparing them to a 30,000 bottle wine list which just isn't a necessity & of a extortionate price list for some of them..

We as the public are now been hammered with much more taxes & everything has gone up in price so we are loosing out! so why not the MP's? we loose some luxury's & so should they & having a ridiculous vast wine list like this is just well unacceptable in this day of age when most of us are struggling..

They has always been two standards Their standards and our standards & its about time they come down to ours!


  john 52 07:44 29 Jan 2011

As we are "all in this together " I am expecting to be allocated a bottle at the next budget .

Maybe selling our forests off to the highest foreign bidder like our utilities will help sustain the wine cellar

  Forum Editor 08:18 29 Jan 2011

"I also disagree with your statement about selling the crown jewels & paintings in the National gallery?"

It was a joke, Uboat, not to be taken seriously.

  Quickbeam 10:22 29 Jan 2011

It wouldn't be the first time that the Crown jewels were pawned.

  carver 11:28 29 Jan 2011

It's just a pity that MPs don't have to pay the correct value when they buy their wine from the cellars, or even pay the going rate for other alcoholic drinks.

But I suppose if you are only on 65K a year then you need to be subsidised so you can have a decent drink.

  carver 12:03 29 Jan 2011

If it's in the cellar then they can buy it and they get an 18% discount, the price per bottle before discount is cheaper than if I or you bought a case of the stuff.

Where else in London can you buy a pint of Guinness for £2.20 small link click here to one of their bar prices , wish my pub was a cheap.

  Cymro. 12:11 29 Jan 2011

I don`t know about sour-faced but we are certainly has-beens and the sooner we come to accept that the happier we will be as a nation. The days of the Empire on which the sun never sets has long since gone and a good thing too I think.

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