Minimum wage Froozen!

  perpetual motion 16:56 28 Dec 2008

Mmm ive mixed feelings about this, in one hand im all for a increase but in the other firms are struggling & some looking elsewhere to move abroad where its simply cheaper to employ staff:

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:27 28 Dec 2008

That's it, shaft the low paid for the excesses of the higher paid.


  laurie53 19:42 28 Dec 2008

In other words, what do we need a minimum wage for when there's plenty of cheap labour available.

  newman35 19:50 28 Dec 2008

Now, how did the old song go?

"It's the same the whole world over,
It's the poor wot get the blame,
It's the rich wot get the pleasure,
Ain't it all a bloody shame!"

  kindly 20:41 28 Dec 2008

Why dont we cap the high wage earners. They should be subsedising the low earners in the company they work in. At my last place of work each department manager had a company car worth up to the price of £30,000 (there was 7 of them) which the running costs were met by the company. When we asked for a rise of two% we were asked to find ways of funding it. Ofcourse I chipped in and said "dont replace the cars and let them pay the running costs thenselves".
Ofcourse that was called a stupid idea. One year later the company closed because it was not financial. The minumum wage is ok if you live with your parents but does not support a real life with a family and home to run.
You will not get another MP saying he can live on a £200 wage like that one did a few years ago because they know you cannot.

  al's left peg 20:49 28 Dec 2008

if the company you were at decided to take on an extra five workers to say do floor cleaning, on a lower wage than you. Would you of agreed to take a pay cut to subsidise them from your higher earnings?
I can see where you are coming from because I worked at a company like you mention but it never works that way.
It's the way of the world pal.

  perpetual motion 21:08 28 Dec 2008

A HUGE issue in my town sometime this year there was a coucilors job going with a £155K wage & with a £14K PRP (Profit Related PAy) or something around those lines, they was a public outcry in my town again nothing got done, it all went "Hush Hush" thing is we have a very busy road with a no cycle track on it & they only needs a cycletrack for about 150 foot but the council shouted they have no money..??

  Marko797 11:47 29 Dec 2008

In these economically difficult times, when businesses are struggling & some going out of business, why should this be increased? Who else is getting a pay rise?

Apparently, a potential increase on this level would cost business c.£300m.

If it did increase, surely it would result in businesses laying off ppl (bcos they couldn't afford, or want to afford to pay the increase) & eventually adding to the ever increasing unemployment figures. This in turn would increase the number of benefit claimants, which is also on the up.

  Marko797 11:56 29 Dec 2008

This all sounds like tittle tattle to me.

Funding for road improvement initiatives is voted and approved by Council on an annual basis. The Highways department put fwd a list of road schemes (with the necessary justifications) for which they require Council funding. It is this figure which is approved, or not approved as the case may be, and it is closely managed and monitored, believe it or not.

There is therefore no big pot which Highways departments can just dip into, as you seem to suggest, unless there is an emergency requirement, and again this would need Council approval. I can't see a 150 ft cycle track fitting this 'emergency' criteria.

  robgf 12:11 29 Dec 2008

If the company I work for is typical, when the minimum wage is raised (which the packers earn), the operators and engineers, who are on slightly higher wages, will want their wages raised by the same percentage.
So taking the last increase as an example, the entire wages bill for the company rose by 3.8% last time.
So given the current downturn, raising the minimum wage could cost millions of jobs, by causing companies to collapse.

  WhiteTruckMan 16:14 29 Dec 2008

by the various council departments rush to spend money on any old useless waste when it comes round to the end of the financial year, otherwise they will have their budget allocation cut for the following year. They didnt need it before, but cant do without it again!


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