Minimum Alcohol pricing

  interzone55 08:41 12 Aug 2010

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10 local councils in Greater Manchester are looking to pass a local by-law imposing a minimum price of 50p a unit for alcohol.

Now in theory this is a good idea, but as usual badly thought through.

I live on the far extreme of Rochdale, so it's only a mile up the road to the next borough, which isn't part of this scheme. It won't be long before no booze is sold in off-licences in my part of Rochdale, but they'll be queuing out the doors down the road.

This kind of scheme has to be implemented nationwide or not at all if it's to be any use at all, otherwise we'll quickly end up with a situation like the US during Prohibition...

  jack 08:57 12 Aug 2010

As alan 14 points out- any restrictions set by individual councils will give rise to 'post code boozing'
Such measures have to be nation wide.
But in so doing penalizes the average imbiber.

The way to effect proper control over self harm brought about by alcohol excess it to take from those needing remedial treatment the means to purchase the stuff
How?- by charging them a punitive price for such treatment.
This will of course bring a howl from the free Social Medical care lobby.
But they are looking at the problem in the wrong light.
If some individual was repeatedly treated for self cutting - the fist thing to do would be to remove access to 'sharps'
So it is with booze.

  Quickbeam 09:26 12 Aug 2010

That could be interesting, implement the minimum unit price everywhere except on remote and uninhabited Hebridean islands, and then they can annoy like minded losers to their hearts content...

  Covergirl 12:26 12 Aug 2010

It has been suggested they impose the minimum price in Scotland which means Carlisle will become the booze run day out for millions of Scots.

I wonder how Berwick upon Tweed will cope with this situation.

It might, therefore, be a good idea if the new identity cards carried your postcode in order to stop this kind of thing. Smacks to me of police state and big brother . . . . :)

  karmgord 12:57 12 Aug 2010

Dearer alcohol & tobacco prices mean more profit for the "booze cruise" smugglers.
Of course it's also legal to but a van load for your own personal use.
The only people hurt by this will be the small off licence & convenience stores.

  johndrew 14:46 12 Aug 2010

I think jack has my vote. Injure yourself as a result of drunkenness or commit anti-social crime (vomiting, urinating and similar in public places) and get hit with the cost of treatment or a hefty fine.

I feel certain that self inflicted injury - which is what it truly amounts to - was never considered as funded under the NHS by those who set it up. As for the filth generated by drunks, I see no reason why the vast majority of conscientious taxpayers should pay to clean up after them.

For those who commit violent crime due to drunkenness then perhaps not only a heavy fine but a few weeks cleaning up the mess made by other drunks may sober their thoughts.

There may even be a slight profit made at the end of such penalties which could be used to subsidise sensible drinkers or at least improve the environment.

  BT 17:27 12 Aug 2010

I agree that those who deliberately end up in A&E after excessive drinking should be made to pay a hefty fee. I don't see that anyone could complain about this as its obviously self inflicted.

You may have to pay if you are treated after being involved in road accident under the Injury Costs Recovery Scheme, so why not after excessive drinking.
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  morddwyd 20:35 12 Aug 2010

Brilliant idea.

Why shouldn't I have to pay more out of my fixed income for my occasional, OK daily, glass of sherry to stop some thirteen year old retching out his liver.

  Covergirl 22:06 12 Aug 2010

"But he said he had come to the conclusion that there was a problem with very cheap alcohol being sold by supermarkets which people were drinking before heading out for the evening."

Well, if the Government had not constantly increased the taxation on alcohol over the years, people would not have to get tanked up at home on cheap supermarket booze. They could afford to go sit in a pub for a few hours then continue the evening/night as usual. As it is, (with a few exceptions like Wetherspoons only because they are relatively cheap) the pubs don't start getting busy until after half past ten, forcing many of them out of business.

Yes, supermarkets assist people to carry out this practice but really, 50p per unit would only drive people further underground.

And it's the same with tobacco. If the Government had not constantly increased the taxation on tobacco over the years, people would not be tempted with European export cigarettes able to be bought at a fraction of the cost as in Britain.

And we would not not be in the situation where dangerous cheaply produced imitations are on sale.

And it's the same with petrol, only petrol is not conveniently transportable or storable so we're stuck with no alternative except move to an Emirate or somewhere similar.

  peter99co 22:17 12 Aug 2010

Hands up those who are thinking of setting up home brew!

  jack 08:41 13 Aug 2010

So wrote 'Cover Girl
So too can be said about speed cameras.
Driving whilst uninsured.
And many other anti social practices that the perp.,considers victimization when apprehended.
The point is why should individuals consider themselves above the well being of their fellow citizens.
Whilst I am in the rant mode
Let make make this point to those that our NHS is free to all, therefore succor should be offered to all no matter the hows and why's
Our wonderful NHS is funded by the National Health Insurance scheme compulsorily paid for by those fortunate enough to be earning an income.

Insurance schemes in general and private health/travel in particular lay down strict conditions under which failure to comply will result in no payout.

It is time I think the National Insurance became
a little more conditional.
Pay for your own dissolute lifestyle.

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