interzone55 20:46 05 Nov 2009

Here's a question for the highway code experts around here.

What are the rules for right of way on mini-roundabouts?

On my way home from work I encounter one where 4 roads meet, they are all different roads, so no road crosses the roundabout. Three of the roads are quite busy, and one is quiet.

If all 4 entrances to the roundabout are full, who has right of way.

The roundabout is shown on the google map in the link:

click here

  Forum Editor 20:56 05 Nov 2009

as for a normal roundabout, which is that you give precedence to traffic that is on the roundabout and approaching from your right - what the French refer to as Priorité à Droite.

  tullie 21:12 05 Nov 2009

I know what you mean,four cars arrive at the roundabout at the same time,it just means someone has to make a decision to move first.

  interzone55 21:37 05 Nov 2009

Yes, I know that is the case, but when all entrances are full, everyone is to the right of everyone-else, and if too people make a dash for it there is lots of scope for mayhem...

  bobbybowls 21:43 05 Nov 2009

taxi drivers. the ones around our way think they own the road :-)

  Pamy 21:45 05 Nov 2009

there is no mayhem . you stop and waite fot the car on your right to procede

  beynac 22:04 05 Nov 2009

The best way to break the impasse is to indicate to the person to your left that you will let him out.

  spuds 22:23 05 Nov 2009

The FE is correct, and it for the driver to proceed with caution and safety for other road users.

Perhaps to add a further complication or confusion, a mini-roundabout is to be treated as a normal constructed roundabout, and vehicles driving over a mini-roundabout are technically commiting an offence (try telling that to a large vehicle driver!).

  Brumas 22:57 05 Nov 2009

It would take some working out to even consider who has right of way in navigating this little monster click here it makes me sweat just looking at it!

  Forum Editor 23:04 05 Nov 2009

Your instructor was technically correct, nobody has a 'right of way'.

What happens is that in certain circumstances you give way to other road users, allowing them the right of way - you allow it, they don't have it automatically.

  Kevscar1 06:18 06 Nov 2009

This one is murder in the rush hour as you can go right or left when entering.

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