Mind bending

  Ho-Lin-Sok 15:22 02 Feb 2007

There is a report(unsubstantiated) of another Government mass vaccination programme for the newborn. The vaccine would act on the brain to alter its susceptibility to nicotine and illegal drugs, so saving billions of pounds for the NHS.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:27 02 Feb 2007

If it wasn't for the smokers and drinkers the drivers would taxed even more to pay for the NHS.

The newborn do not smoke or take illegal drugs, education rather than starting them on a mind bending drug so early, is a better way to prevent them doing it later in life.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:42 02 Feb 2007

Cuckoo, cuckoo!


  Kate B 15:51 02 Feb 2007

What? Is it April 1 already?

  surfmonkey #:@}© 16:09 02 Feb 2007

I wish the gov had given me some form of injection when i was born wouldent have spent thousands of £££££ when i got hooked to tabacco mind you the drugs make up for it

  Totally-braindead 16:11 02 Feb 2007

Where would we be without the conspiracy theorists these days.
Total complete utter rubbish, will never happen. We can't even stop prisoners in jail from voting as its against their civil rights and have to give them money, what chance do you think there is of something like this happenning.

  Kate B 16:13 02 Feb 2007

Ho-Lin-Sok hasn't provided a link, not even a dodgy one from the Mail or another conspiracy theory site ;-)

  Totally-braindead 16:23 02 Feb 2007

Kate B yes I noticed that, hopefully he won't bother as its stated it is unsubstantiated.
In other words its a made up piece of total garbage created by someone suffering from acute paranoid delutions who probably thinks everyone is out to get him.
I'm not out to get the sort of person who comes up with anything like this, in fact I would move house to keep away from him.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 16:45 02 Feb 2007

I thought that was your forte. Went off in a paddy the other week,"Never to return" seems you can't stay away.
However at the risk of being slated by the intellectual Guardian readers the story appeared here, I called it unsubstantiated because I know the very sight of a "Red Banner" journal causes the familiar Rabid reaction. It was just somethging to talk about but please yourselves.
click here

  IClaudio 17:03 02 Feb 2007

I bet the story was posted after lunch... hic!

  Kate B 17:04 02 Feb 2007

Yet again someone falls victim to believing that the blue-sky thinking in a policy document is going to be enshrined in law. I've said this before: a policy document is a speculative document positing often wild ideas. Always amusing to read and they make good copy, but they're never going to end up in law.

This cocaine vaccine has been around for a while. There are two problems with it. The first is that while it apparently works on the physical effect, it doesn't work (obviously) on social factors that drive drug use. Also, it only works on cocaine. It wouldn't stop anyone using something else - weed, meth, pills, heroin - so it's a bit pointless.

The second problem is that it's being developed by an American drugs company, if memory serves me. Which means it will be horribly expensive - probably more expensive than the services provided to drug abusers. So don't expect to see it in use on any big scale any time soon.

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