Mince Pies etc

  BT 17:25 09 Sep 2009

I know we aren't allowed to mention that word that relates to 25th December, but in Tesco today they have Mince Pies, ********* puddings and cakes. Also all the large tins of Roses, Quality Street etc.
Mince Pies have a 'Use By' date of 27th October!!

Its nearly 4 MONTHS to you know when!

  interzone55 17:29 09 Sep 2009

The plum duff will be nice by the Yuletide festivities, I find they need about 6 months standing time to get the full flavour....

  Jak_1 17:33 09 Sep 2009

There is no reason why you can't eat them now!

  BT 17:50 09 Sep 2009

I remember seeing a TV report from a ********* pudding factory at the beginning of the year and they were already making this years supply for the supermarkets, so whether you buy them now or on 24th Dec they will all be a similar age.

My Gran used to make her puddings, back in the '50s, early in the year and boil 'em for hours in the copper tied up in cloths, then store them away till the festive season, when they were then steamed for hours before eating. I never did really like them. They were so black because the prolonged cooking over-caramelised the sugar and made it bitter. Modern puddings are in my opinion much nicer as they are lighter and not so caramelised.

  lofty29 18:03 09 Sep 2009

My local supermarket has mince pies for sale all year round, though without the fancy boxes, I am glad that FE has the forbidden word rule as the forum would have already got into it.

  spuds 18:17 09 Sep 2009

I was eating a deep filled festive mince pie only yesterday- very yummy ;o))

A visit to the £Pound shop, possibly next week, for the festive treats and provisions!!.

  oresome 18:26 09 Sep 2009

We actualy buy them at reduced price after the event.

The one we eat this year will have been purchased in January.

  oresome 18:43 09 Sep 2009

This thread has just brought back fond memories of my wifes best ever purchase.

At Tesco after the event one year, they were selling off festive wine. Perfectly drinkable red wine, but it had a festive label and she happened to be there whilst the assistant was putting the reduced stickers on around the end of January.

Price.......£1 a bottle. It had been retailing at around £4. We even got a further 5% for buying 6 or more.

She got 4 cases, it was delicious and lasted us 6 months.

I've often looked since, but never come across an offer anywhere near as good.

  Forum Editor 22:41 09 Sep 2009

I feel a distinct twinge of thread-lockitis. I'm relying on everyone to observe the forum convention with this.

  Bingalau 23:06 09 Sep 2009

Is it too late to wish you a Happy New Year FE? I think I forgot to do so earlier...

  crosstrainer 04:50 10 Sep 2009

Please please lock it...It is only September :))

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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